6 Ways To Tell If You’re In A Rebound Relationship

Written by Shweta Vepa VyasNov 27, 2017
6 ways to tell if you’re in a rebound relationship
Are you fresh out of a breakup and already dating? If yes, there’s a strong likelihood of you being in a rebound relationship. When you’re emotionally invested in a relationship, a breakup isn’t easy. As with all things, time is the best healer and jumping into a new relationship isn’t healthy for you or for your new partner. So, watch out for these signs and save yourself and everyone else involved, the heartache.

You find yourself thinking of your ex a little more than you should

You call your new partner only when you’re lonely

Every breakup needs closure. And if it’s just been a few weeks since your last relationship, chances are you’re not there yet. If you find yourself constantly thinking of your ex, stalking him on social media or constantly analysing what went wrong, it’s definitely a warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore.

Your family and friends are surprised at the new development

A breakup brings with it feelings of resentment and hurt, meddling with your ability to think straight. At such a time, if you want an objective opinion, try your parents and friends. If they’re shocked about your new relationship and feel that it’s too soon, pay them some heed. They are your well-wishers and are probably seeing something you can’t.


You’re constantly comparing him to your ex

You call your new partner only when you’re lonely

Are you using your ex as a benchmark to compare your new boyfriend? Do you find yourself taking him to the same places and doing the same activities as your ex? Or, are you the only one seeing similarities in him when there are none? Now, that’s a big red flag, right there. Among all the other things, it’s also frustrating for your new boyfriend to constantly be compared to someone else. So, spare him (and yourself) the trouble!

You want your ex to see him

If you’re hell-bent on your ex and his friends seeing your latest boyfriend, it spells trouble. Your ego has been bruised and you’re seeking vengeance. But, using your new boyfriend to show that you’ve moved on will simply feed your negative emotions.


You call your new partner only when you’re lonely

You call your new partner only when you’re lonely

Do you find yourself constantly talking to your new boyfriend about your ex? Are you using him as a sounding board? Do you only call him when you need him? If yes, you probably need to re-evaluate your new relationship. While it isn’t healthy for you, it’s also extremely unfair to your boyfriend. All that excess baggage of your past relationship will only weigh you down—so give your heart and mind time to heal, before you start afresh.

You’re moving too fast

Even if you’re not on rebound, it makes sense to take your new relationship one step at a time. You might think that by moving on with someone else, you’re blotting out all that emotional baggage. But, you need some breathing space to deal with those emotions. By indulging in impulsive and irrational behaviours like meeting his parents or announcing your relationship to the world, you’re only damaging yourself in the larger scheme of things.

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