Summer Must-Haves: Fragrances Under ₹ 3,000

Written by NEETI MANSINGHKAOct 01, 2018
Summer must-haves: Fragrances under ₹ 3,000

Come summer, and it's officially that time of the year when we finally bring out those beach shorts and floral dresses. So, shouldn't we also have a few signature go-to fragrances to welcome this warm season? But be it for special occasions or everyday use, we don’t really want to break the bank just to smell good!

Here is our edit of some of the best fragrances (all under 3000 k!), to make your summer smell even sweeter.


  1. Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau de Toilette - 100 ml Rs. 2331/-

    While there’s always a new perfume to look out for, this one’s a classic and every girl must use it once in her life. Smelling fresh will never be a struggle anymore, once you have this light, aquatic perfume by your side that will make you feel oh-so-fresh instantly. So, if you are into cool, fresh aqua fragrances, then go ahead and give this one a spritz.
  2. Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum - 100 ml Rs. 2850/-

    It comes as no surprise that Calvin Klein finds a place in this list. They have some of the best perfumes available in the market. This exuberant, oriental and spicy scent that lingers all day comes in the most elegant bottle and smells absolutely divine. Bold and sexy, this popular women's fragrance is a classic for any collection.
  3. Escada Magnetism Eau de Parfum - 75 ml Rs. 2940/-

    For those of you taking off on a summer getaway, this fragrance will set the mood just right! It has a cool, breezy and calm fragrance that will linger on your skin for hours.


  1. Hugo Boss Femme Eau de Parfum - 50 ml Rs. 2990/-

    Perfect for wearing on a warm, sunny day, this floral and romantic scent is certain to leave a trail. Feminine without being overwhelming, we’re sure this one will become one of your everyday favourites.
  2. Burberry Brit Perfume for Women - 100ml Rs. 2399/-

    Burberry perfumes are popular for a good reason. They define quality and live up to their popularity. This one has a warm, irresistible scent and the power to grab attention. Perfect for when you’re heading out or just want to give yourself a bit of a confidence boost, this subtle and classy (yet sexy) fragrance will take you from day to night, effortlessly.
  3. Ralph Lauren Ralph Eau de Toilette - 50 ml Rs. 2542/-

    A fun, enticing scent for women, this perfume really is like spring and summer in a bottle. We think it’s a great choice for an everyday scent.

    There you have it, from light florals to crisp and warm woody scents, 6 of our summer obsessions that you’d totally want to spritz all over your body. So, do check them out and grab your favourite!

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