Travel Skincare Mistakes You Might Be Making

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 23, 2018
Travel skincare mistakes you might be making
Packing toiletries and skincare items for a vacation is something that we all love to do. Who else spends a good amount of time making checklists of all the stuff you’re going to carry with you for your vacation? But, we tend to ignore the fact that our skin needs care even when we’re travelling—be it your journey till you reach the destination or when you’re out and about exploring the vacation spot—skincare is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Here are the travel skincare mistakes you’re probably making unknowingly…

You don’t carry travel sized products

You ignore sunscreen

In addition to the moisturiser and cleanser bottles in your suitcase, it’s extremely important to carry mini bottles (8-10 times usage) in your backpack/purse that stays with you at all times. These will come to the rescue when you’re on the flight or in the train when digging out products from your suitcase is next to impossible. If travel sized products are hard to find, you can also buy miniature bottles from general stores and empty your products into them!

You don’t stay hydrated

We get it; constantly having to pee while you’re travelling is something we all want to avoid. But, not staying hydrated on journeys can really wreck your skin. Find a mid-way to this situation by making sure you drink a lot of water before you board your plane/bus/train, during layovers, halts etc.


You don’t take the weather into consideration

You ignore sunscreen

Are you travelling to a hot destination or a cold destination? Or perhaps, a tropical country? Alter your travel skincare routine accordingly! For hot and humid destinations rely on lightweight moisturisers and water-based cleansers and for cold destinations, opt for extremely hydrating, oil-based products. If you wish to get the best of both worlds—skincare and makeup, rely on lightweight products such as the Fair & Lovely BB cream that gives you the benefits of foundation as well as skincare.

You ignore the eyes

Travelling can be tiring and when you’re tired, it directly reflects on the area around your eyes. The results? Puffiness, dark circles and under eye bags! Make sure you always carry an eye cooling mask that will ensure you look well-rested and fresh!

You ignore hands, lips and feet

While cleansers and moisturisers are important, hand creams, foot creams and lips are something that cannot be ignored at any cost. Temperature fluctuations can cause the skin on your hands and feet to get dry. And, no matter how the weather is, the sensitive skin on your lips will get damaged. So, remember to never make this travel skincare mistake!


You ignore sunscreen

You ignore sunscreen

No matter how pleasant or cold the destination, UVA and UVB rays will affect your skin and cause damage. Don’t underestimate the power of these harmful rays and make sure you always carry sunscreen with you.

Remember to take all the above points into consideration that tick off all the boxes as far as travel skincare is concerned!

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