What’s Inside Be Beautiful’s Healthy Glow Glam Box?

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 22, 2018
You’d be lying if you said that flaunting glowing skin wasn’t a part of your dreams. The good news is that we’re going to help you inch closer to the skin of your dreams with the Be Beautiful Healthy Glow Glam Box. What is this box, you wonder? It comprises skin care products that are targeted towards correcting your skin problems and lending you the radiance your skin deserves. Scroll down to know more about it…

What is Be Beautiful’s Healthy Glow Glam Box?

An intensive lip treatment

You will find the Vaseline Healthy White Lotion, Pond’s White Beauty Face Wash, Lakmé Lip Love and the Pond’s White Beauty Cream in this box, available on Nykaa at a discounted rate of ₹203.

How will it help you?


A boost of Vitamin B3

An intensive lip treatment

Vitamin B3 is known to do wonders to the skin. One of the best ways to get that is by embracing the Pond’s White Beauty Face Wash. Not only will this give your skin a boost of moisture but it will also reduce dark spots and give you glowing skin, thanks to its Vitamin B3 content.


A route to spotless skin

An intensive lip treatment

If your skin care routine is aimed at achieving glowing skin, find your solution in the Pond’s White Beauty Cream. This one will nourish your skin from deep within to give you spotless skin and eventually, glowing skin.


Opt for Petroleum jelly

An intensive lip treatment

On a daily basis, your skin gets affected immensely due to UV rays. But you can save your skin from further sun damage by using the Vaseline Healthy White Lotion that contains triple sunscreens, which provide protection from the sun rays. Additionally, the Petroleum Jelly in it will also leave your skin deeply moisturised.


An intensive lip treatment

An intensive lip treatment

Skin care also includes protection for your lips. To do that, use the Lakmé Lip Love in this box. It will lend your lips moisturisation while leaving a hint of colour on your puckers. Moreover, it contains SPF 15 that helps protect your lips from sun damage!

Where can you buy it?

You can buy the Be Beautiful Healthy Glow Glam Box on www.nykaa.com

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