There’s always that day in a girl’s life where you can’t delay the waxing appointment anymore ‘coz you’ve run out excuses and of course, pants. We get it though—waxing is painful AF. But let’s be realistic; you know you’ve got to get rid of the unwanted hair at some point. What if we told you that you can now put these worries to rest because the new rage in town is the no-strip wax aka hard wax that promises to make your waxing concerns go away. Scroll down to know more about this…

What is the peel off wax?

What is the peel off wax?

Peel-off wax has a gel-like formula that helps you get rid of unwanted hair and in the process, brightens up your skin. It’s almost like a peel-off—you just need to apply it by means of a brush and build it up on the targeted area to create thickness. Let it dry and then peel off gently from the skin.


How is it better than regular waxing?

How is it better than regular waxing?

No strips

Isn’t this the best part about peel-off wax? You don’t have to use strips at all! This means you save money and no wastage!


Unlike regular wax where you pull the hair out from the follicles using a muslin cloth or strips, in peel-off wax, you just peel off the gel-like formula, which comes off easily as opposed to a regular wax where you have to put all your pressure.

Removes the tiny hairs

This wax shrinkwraps the hair while hardening and this means it can remove even the tiny hairs that you usually can’t remove by way of regular wax.

Special areas

Peel-off wax is great for a sensitive area like the bikini line where you have course hair. It’s also great for your face since it’s rather gentle to use.

You can try the peel-off wax at Lakmé Absolute Salons across the country