You might love the coverage you get from foundations but when it comes to covering your skin in the hot summer months, your face deserves a makeup tool that covers your skin without feeling cakey. The answer to this lies in a BB cream. Scroll down to know why a BB cream is ideal for the summers…
They’re super light on the skin

They’re super light on the skin

Imagine this—the temperatures are soaring and your skin is already feeling rather intolerant towards the sweltering heat. You go ahead and make matters worse by applying a cakey foundation on your skin. Did you know that this could be detrimental to your skin? Summers are when your skin needs to breathe. Anything too heavy on the skin will cause reactions, thanks to the sweat and grime that accumulates on your skin. This is when a BB cream will be a boon to your regime as it feels super light on the skin while lending you medium coverage.

They contain SPF

They contain SPF

BB creams with SPF? Yes, please! What better way to shield your skin from UV rays during the summers than by embracing a BB cream with SPF! If you want to get your hands on a BB cream with SPF, we suggest relying on the Fair & Lovely BB Cream that gives your skin the goodness of SPF 15 PA++.

They cover dark spots

They cover dark spots

We get it—you often rely on a foundation to cover your blemishes and dark spots. But what if we told you a BB cream could do the job of covering your spots too? Well, the Fair & Lovely BB Cream hides your blemishes and dark spots while giving your skin a makeup-like finish.

written by on Apr 13, 2018


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