6 Commandments Of Applying Makeup

Written by Kaajal SinghMay 17, 2024
6 commandments of Applying Makeup

It might not seem like it but applying makeup is no piece of cake. You need years of practice, patience and skill to ace this art to perfection. And dear makeup lovers, as is the case with most arts, there are certain secret commandments to applying makeup too. Master them, and your makeup will never go out of place.

Read on as we lay before you the top 6 unspoken rules of applying makeup like a pro.


#1 Never Start Your Makeup Without Prepping Your Face

#6 Apply Foundation To Your Neck As Well

Applying matte products and powders on your face can leave your skin dry and dehydrated. Further, your makeup will cling on to the dry patches and trust us— it’s not a pleasant view. Always prep your skin before applying makeup. Wear a nice layer of moisturiser and massage it gently it into your skin. It makes room for a smooth application of your concealer and foundation.


#2 Tightline Your Eyes Without A Skip

#6 Apply Foundation To Your Neck As Well

It makes a world of difference to your eyes. Tightlining your eyes gives so much definition to them. It makes them pop out and gives an illusion of bigger eyes. Take a kajal and apply it on your upper and lower waterline. Once you start, there is no looking back.


#3 Powder Your T-Zone Only

#6 Apply Foundation To Your Neck As Well

It’s not the best practice to use a powder everywhere on the face. It will give you a patchy complexion that does not look real at all. Get in the habit of setting only the places that crease the most, including your T-Zone.



#4 Use A White Kajal To Make Your Eyes Pop

#6 Apply Foundation To Your Neck As Well

If you’ve got small eyes, chances are that a black liner makes your eye look even smaller. Skip using a black liner and use white kajal instead. Adding white kajal on your waterline instantly brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger and more awake.


#5 Fill Your Lips With A Lip Definer Before Applying Your Lipstick

#6 Apply Foundation To Your Neck As Well

Never skip this step. Lining your lips before applying lipstick is as important as a primer before foundation. It gives your lips a clean outline and makes your lipstick stay longer. Get your hands on a nude pout definer as it will work under any lipstick.


#6 Apply Foundation To Your Neck As Well

#6 Apply Foundation To Your Neck As Well

Never ignore your neck while applying foundation. If your neck is darker than your face and you skip applying a layer of foundation to it, chances are you’ll end up looking like a zombie. Make it a point to blend your makeup all the way down to your decolletage area.

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