While we’ve been relying on concealer for generations now to solve our puffy eye situation, here are 7 unfailing ways to deal with bags without any makeup.

Trying to make a great first impression or an indelible last one? Well then, before ironing your shirt or polishing your footwear, ensure your peekers look perfect. After all, our eyes also do that talking!  

However, in the contemporary era their charm is dampened by our habits; the unchangeable. We’re talking about those late night hustling sprees and when not, those unstoppable Netflix hours. 

Between these prolonged ends and early starts, our gentle eyes bear the brunt and puff up! And it’s not just the continual stress and poor snooze regime but also, lack of hydration and a poor diet! 

To tame their soggy appearance, a good concealer stick and expensive cosmetic peel can do the temporary magic but nothing casts a curing spell like our long loved (and lived) home remedies. 

Yes, that’s right to do away with those nasty bags, you no longer need to deal with the pinch of needles or high prices — just a few kitchen ingredients can put their stubbornness to rest! So, cut to chase and go the home remedy way to de-puff the poof. 

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#1 The potato punch  

Renowned to be an unmatched culinary delight in all forms, potatoes have left every food-fanatic wanting more. But now they have also transversed their goodness to the realm of beauty — and aren’t only delicious but also helpful in curbing puffy eyes! To make the most of their qualities all you got to do is cut a cold, raw potato into two halves and place them over your eyes for about 10 minutes (just like they show in the movies!) And as you rest and unwind, the Catecholase enzyme in the potato diminishes the water retention around your eyes. Well, it really is true that carbs can’t ever see you be sad! So, what are you waiting for? Head to your storage unit and get slicing.  

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#2 Get milking  

The dairy drama has been around for a while! And some can’t resist the, “extra cheese, please” demand, the lactose intolerant clan stays away from the cartons and cans. However, this is one situation where milk does the trick! How? All you have to do is, dip cotton balls (the ideal absorbers) in chilled milk and place them over your eyes for 20-30 minutes — here’s where the soaking and sharing takes place. Once done, open your eyes, head to the mirror and notice those faint under-eye bags; light without any expense (quite literally!) 

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#3 The answer is oil  

While oil is an infamous mane nourisher, the goodness of oil also extends its benefits to various wellness pockets. One of them being skincare and more specifically, the puffy eye battle! So, when you can’t win the de-puff war with all the right foundation and fixes, fall back on Vitamin E! Mix a few drops of Vitamin E oil in a bowl of chilled water, and dip two cotton pads into this mix. Once soaked up, place them on your eyes for about 20 minutes and let them play their game. For as you retreat, you’ll be rid of those notorious puffy eyes!  

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#4 The cucumber care  

Refreshing in the summer, this evening snack or cooler ingredients also makes for a stellar de-puffer. Believe it or not, we’ve all seen them  (the cucumber slices) star in those iconic glam scenes from the silver screen! So, to recreate your movie star moment, bring this spa session home. All you need are two pieces of fresh, chilled cucumber and 20 minutes of time. Place the veggie over your eyes and stay still until the time is up! What happens? The cucumber, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, acts like your fairy godmother in disguise and manages the puffiness problem like a dream.  

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#5 Bag this tea bag 

Sipping on some warm tea is known to keep the tension bugs at bay and also, the beauty stress away. Wonder how? Let’s tell you how to get going (and glowing.) Soak two tea bags in warm water, then chill them for a few minutes and follow by placing them on your eyes. In just 5 minutes, the Tannins in the tea which act as a mild diuretic do play their natural role to leave you with bright and brilliant eyes. So, the next time you plan a high tea evening with the girls, don’t forget to do it the right way.  

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#6 Ice it up  

Need to amp up a summer drink, plop in a cube of ice! A wound? Ice! A dessert basket? Also, ice! With a reputation of quick fix, this chilly cube extends its prompt effectiveness to the puffy eye playground as well. To get started, get two spoons clanking and dip them into two glasses of cold water. Don’t worry, the wait isn’t long — just a couple of minutes. When done, place the cold spoons on your blinkers for about 30-60 seconds and watch any inflammation or pain fade away. So, when in doubt just home remedy it out. 

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#7 Scream for the right cream  

Fill your cart and heart with a calming under-every cream that gives you that much-deserved TLC! While the market is flooded with numerous options, we vouch for Lakmé’s Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Night Revival Eye Cream. Owing to its unmatched formula of Moroccan Argan Oil and Opti Glow Complex, this product promises visible results and stands out from the crowd — and at the end of it, it’s a part of the cream class!  

how to hide puffy eyes without makeup

#8 It all lies in your lifestyle 

Yes, you may have great style sensibilities and an impressive forte for fashion, but you do lose when you snooze on self-care, the internal job! To do away with the burden of swollen eyes, the makeup hacks don’t go the extra mile, so get down to eating right and sleeping well — here there’s no compromise! Fill your plate with potassium-rich goodies — leafy greens, beans and bananas to see you gooey under eyes settle. Also, keep your hands away from the salt because those grains can create those big sacks under your eyes! Complement your mindful diet with the right amount of slumber, 7-8 hours and loads of water. Just follow these steps, and viola, you’ll notice a massive under your delicate eyes.