Day Vs. Night Cream: Is There A Difference

Written by Anushka ShahMar 09, 2023
Day vs. Night Cream: Is There a Difference

Just like we have different moods during the day, our skin does too. Thinking about this? Let us help you. Just like there’s a typical brekky food...eggs on toast for example, that wouldn’t have the same appetizing appeal for a dinner time meal. And similarly – for you skin, the same applies. A cream that would do that glowy magic in the morning does not work the same at night. So, to keep up with the demands of your skin, we’re shedding light on: what’s a night cream and what’s a day cream and their specific benefits!  So, scroll down for all the secrets and the hottest names in town - so they can make a direct entry into your MVP. 

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Day vs. Night Cream: The Basics  

Let’s find out… 

What are Night Creams? 

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Well, as the name suggests, the skincare item that you can apply at night is a night cream. And to plunge into the primary premise: the texture of night creams is heavier than that of day creams. Wonder why? Because the rehydration process begins at night while you sleep after the cream has been applied. At night, your skin continues to mend itself - yes, that’s when all the work happens and as a result, many night creams contain retinol and other anti-aging ingredients that promote the renewal of skin cells. These components lessen the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines on your face.  

All thanks to retinol - a strong chemical that is proven  to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin firmness, and enhance skin texture, anti-ageing creams are often applied at night. Retinol shouldn't be used throughout the day, though, as it might make the skin more sensitive to UV rays and produce flakiness, sensitivity, and redness. Which is why, its specialness is mostly reserved for the late hours. One night cream that I can’t get enough of has to be the Lakme Absolute Hydra Pro Overnight Gel. This soothing gel in it helps boosts skin’s hydration ability while you’re asleep. So when you’re up, you can say hello to plump, hydrated skin that’s ready for the day. Plus, to only make things better this night cream is infused with advanced HA-PENTA complex & Hyaluronic acid. 

What are Day Creams? 

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Rise and smell the coffee! Day creams are designed to be used during the daytime, duh. You got to coat your face with it for during the day your these lotions protect your skin from UV radiation, grime, and dust - what’s better. 

Also, the right day cream, such as our fav in the market the, Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Day Cream with SPF is consistency, light, non-greasy, and readily absorbed by the skin, plus its generous SPF quotient ensure total protection from the sun! In fact, day creams in general let you cover them with makeup - keeping your skin moisturized, nourished and on the way to becoming smooth and supple. 

A little deeper insight: SPF is present in day creams because daytime sun exposure is the norm. However, there are situations when this SPF is insufficient to offer adequate sun protection. Day creams also contain skin-brightening ingredients including vitamin C  and kojic acid! And if you’re on the hunt for one with that specific addition, look no further than the Lakme Vit C day & night cream. Trusted to lighten skin and inject it with an undeniable glow, these creams don't contain active chemicals like retinol, glycolic acid, or alpha-hydroxy acids - which can irritate skin when exposed to sunlight!  

Can Night Creams and Day Creams be Used Interchangeably? 

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PSA: The use of a night cream during the day should be avoided! Their unique makeup will not benefit the skin and will be useless if utilised at the incorrect times. 

Due to the lack of preventive components, using a night cream during the day might leave skin vulnerable to sun and environmental harm. Additionally, it has a daytime heavy feel and greasy appearance, which is typically not what you want if you want to feel fresh all day. Makeup does not cling properly to the skin when applied over a night cream. 

A nighttime application of a day cream struggles to provide the nourishment and hydration that your skin need during the nighttime healing phase. Your skin might respond otherwise. 

FAQs about Day vs. Night Cream: Is There a Difference  

Answering your questions!  

Q1 How much moisturiser should I use?  

 Well, if you think more moisturiser will give you quicker results - let us just stop you right there! A nickel-sized amount should be the perfect quantity for your full face. Going in with heavy squeezes can bring some breakouts your way, and using too little won’t hydrate your skin, keeping it firm and tight. 

Q2 What’s the difference in textures between day creams and night creams? 

Day cream and night cream have very distinct ingredients and textures. Day creams moisturise the skin and have a very light feel. On the other hand, night creams have a thick texture and create a thin occlusive barrier on the skin. 

Q3  How often should I moisturize my sensitive skin?  

After experiencing that glowy look, you’ll want to hydrate your face every 30 minutes but don’t overdo it. We suggest moisturising your skin after washing your face - so, twice a day should be the ideal number. Also, carefully pat dry all the water droplets from the skin before applying your moisturiser. Ensure you apply it all over your face, especially on the creases of your face; the side of your nose and the area above your eyes.    

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