How To Determine The Undertone Of Your Skin

Written by Chandni GhoshFeb 29, 2024
You know how you buy that lipstick everyone’s going gaga over but it goes to waste because it doesn’t quite seem to do anything for you? Well, that’s because the undertones of your skin don’t favour that shade of lipstick. Confused? Simply put your skin’s undertone is the colour that lies beneath the surface of your skin. You might be the same skin tone as your BFF but you can have a totally different undertone from hers. So before you go makeup shopping next, it’s imperative to read these pointers that will help you determine your undertone....

What are the three undertones?

neutral undertones

This hint of colour beneath your skin can be warm, which is yellow or golden. There are cool undertones, which means your colour will be pink, red or bluish and finally, there are neutral undertones wherein your colour will be a mix of the above shades.


How to tell if you have warm undertones?

neutral undertones

All you really have to do is watch the colour of your veins carefully. If they’re a green colour, you have warm undertones. Just to give you an idea, celebs like Priyanka Chopra, JLo and Kim K have warm undertones. This is when you choose a foundation with a yellowish tinge to it so it blends seamlessly into your skin.

BB pro tip:

Go for a bright orange lipstick like the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color in Dewy Orange

Go for a poppy coral blush like the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos in Coral


How to tell if you have cool undertones?

neutral undertones

If your skin looks flushed when you’re wearing white, you’re probably cool toned. If your skin gets burnt easily while in the sun, it indicates you’re cool toned. Think Kareena Kapoor Khan or even Adele who have cool undertones. If your knuckles seem pinkish and your veins are on the bluish/purple side, you can conclude that you’re cool toned. This is when you must rely on a foundation, which has pink undertones.

BB pro tip:

Go for a deep bluish red like the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick in Maroon Magic

Go for a pink blush like the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Shimmer Brick in Pink


How to tell if you have neutral undertones?

neutral undertones

When the colour beneath your skin isn’t too golden or overtly pink, it implies you have neutral undertones. If your skin usually turns red in the sun and eventually gets tanned, you’re neutral-toned. This is the ideal kind of undertone because those with this type of skin can usually pull of a wide variety of makeup shades. Celebs like Kerry Washington, Vaani Kapoor and Jennifer Aniston have neutral undertones.

BB pro tip:

Go for a nude lipstick like the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color in Soft Nude

Go for the Lakmé 9-to-5 Pure Rouge Blusher Ginger Surprise

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