How To Mix Face Oil With Your Foundation For Dewy Skin

Written by Sanya HamdaniApr 24, 2024
How to mix face oil with your foundation for dewy skin

Have you tried pretty much everything to get the dewy makeup look, but failed? Well, then we are sure you haven’t tried this simple trick of mixing face oil with your foundation. Makeup artists and bloggers swear by this trick and we are sure you’re going to love it too.

Wondering how to get started? Great! We’ve answered all your questions regarding this dope trick below. So stop waiting and get scrolling…


Why you should mix face oil with foundation

How to mix and apply?

When does foundation look cakey and splotchy? When your skin is not perfectly hydrated. Makeup artists have discovered that mixing a few drops of face oil improves the quality of the foundation as well as the skin beneath. Some foundation textures are thick and it becomes impossible to blend them seamlessly. Mixing face oil with foundation thins out the texture so it glides on smoothly and gives a flawless base.


Is it suitable for oily and acne-prone skin?

How to mix and apply?

Yes, those with oily and acne-prone skin can also benefit from this trick. If your face tends to get oily and shiny, use a setting powder to set the foundation in place. However, if you have excessively oily skin, its best to give this trick a miss.


How to mix and apply?

How to mix and apply?

There are two ways to mix foundation and face oil. Pour some liquid foundation on clean hand and add 2-3 drops of oil to it, mix well and apply as you usually do. Alternatively, apply the oil directly onto the skin before applying the foundation. However, while using the second method, avoid applying oil on the T-zone. This will prevent your makeup from looking greasy.

If you are currently using a face oil, you can add a few drops of it or use argan oil. Loaded with antioxidants and super hydrating properties, argan oil makes your foundation sheerer to give a natural and dewy finish. You can also use a foundation that comes mixed with the goodness of argan oil. The Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation will give your skin a dewy and radiant look.

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