The Latest Shag Haircut: The Butterfly Cut And Tips To Get The Look 

Written by Anushka ShahMar 14, 2023
The Latest Shag Haircut: The Butterfly Cut and Tips to Get the Look 

Contemporary hair trends, such as colourful dip-dyes, Y2K comeback, and bright '90s blonde, are all communicating the same message: it's time to have fun with your mane. Due to the fact that the wonderfully titled shag haircut makes a roaring comeback and doesn't sacrifice length for playfulness. And moreso, today’s fab long hair fans are embracing this style. And why not?  

To shed some more light on the shag haircut let’s tell you…it’s very similar to an octopus cut essentially because of the amount of movement it gives your strands. It gives your mane that fuller look and essentially all that ‘main character’ energy. However, unlike other haircuts, this one is incredibly adaptable and can fit hair that is extremely long. Hence, whatever your hair length is it can be fashioned to match any length. 

Scroll below to know more - it’s your time to get on with trends and embrace the shag haircut. 

How to Maintain Shag Haircut  

To keep the layers and fringe in place, a shag appearance necessitates frequent trimming - which means, to ensure it’s looking A1 around the clock, a chip chop should be on your agenda. For the shag haircut loses its distinguishing characteristics and volumizing impact as soon as your bangs or layers lengthen. For short shags, hair stylists advice obtaining trims every four to six weeks, and for mid-length and long shags, every six to eight weeks. So, if you’re going in for this look, know that maintenance is a commitment you’ll have to make.  

In comparison to other layered haircuts, maintaining your shaggy hairstyle on a daily basis is simple aside from grooming your short layers. You may either roll out of bed and embrace the tousled look or let your shag hairdo air dry. Whatever you do, just know that this #wildchild shag haircut barely disappoints!  

Tips to Maintain Shag Haircut  

Well, now that you know all about this incredible haircut, you also must know how to keep the shag looking up top. So, whether you wanna groom it for a party or a PJ party, all the right hacks are always known to you. 

Tip #1: Apply a texturising spray 

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The modern shag haircut plays with texture to provide a volumized yet tousled appearance. The natural texture of wavy hair is enhanced by using a texturising spray, while thin hair is volumized and frizz is reduced by using a mousse. Use a style cream to highlight the layers in curly shags' choppy shags. This would give each unique layer a catchy gloss and shine. To make the routine even better, don’t shy away from being generous with the TRESemmé gloss serum. This hair food will ensure your locks look dreamy. Plus, don’t shy away from amping the routine with texturizing spray. Once loaded, rub your fingers through your hair if your hair is naturally thick. 

Tip #2: Blow-dry the bangs!  

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Another distinguishing characteristic of the shag haircut is loose bangs. Hair stylists advice blow-drying straight shags or shaggy bobs and using a round brush to blow out the bangs for the traditional fringe appearance. Tbh, I love this blowed up vibe for it naturally injects that oomph to your look. Plus, if your bangs are wavy, use a curling iron to fix them and give them a small twist. And there you go girl, rocking that Marlyn Monroe lewk.    

 Tip #3: Consider your hair type  

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A given: Straight hair lacks the volume that waves and curls do! So, you gotta treat ‘em all differently. Apply a curl cream to your curly or wavy hair and let it air dry to play with the volume and texture of your hair's natural curls or waves - and you know exactly what to do, scrunch, scrunch and scrunch. Whereas, for our straight strand folks, apply a mousse or style lotion to damp hair for straight hair before blow-drying. Fine hair will have more volume if you only partially dry it and scrunch sections of it upward. So, know your type and with the shag haircut (and our help) learn to treat it right. 

Tip #4: In alignment with face shape 

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Different shag haircut variations fit various face shapes. Think about how the layers fall around the border of your cheeks when arranging your shag. The different hair lengths soften and lengthen round faces, so side swept bangs and dramatic layers look great on them. By framing the cheekbones, short hairstyles like shag bobs and pixie cuts also look good on round faces. Curtain bangs and gentle waves balance out angular features on long face shapes and provide the appearance of framing the face. So, educate yourself about the correlation between face shapes and haircuts, so you aren’t only getting the trendiest haircut in town but are also getting one that complements you. 

Tip #5: Experiment with colour 

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We all know that colouring your locks the right hue and shade can def aid how you and your hairdo look! And coming from the experts, us…enhance a well-cut shag haircut by adding a pop of colour to your look. Adding highlights to a shaggy layered bob is a popular hair trend that makes these short shag haircuts appear more dynamic. For long and medium-length shags, consider getting a balayage to create an ombré look. Shoulder-length hair is also long enough to pull off ombré shags. And of course, attract all those compliments too.  

Tip #6: Use a good dry shampoo and conditioner  

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We all know all the power of a good wash, it takes all the grease and germs out of your scalp and strands, leaving you with a squeaky clean mane and fuller looking, and feeling mane. To treat yourself to such a wash, fall back on the dynamic Dove duo. We’re talking about the Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and Dove Daily Shine Hair Conditioner. Doing the most for strands, this combo is enriched with nutritive serum, this magic mix builds a protective shield around the hair fibre and defends your hair from daily hair damage. Giving your hair that luminous look, this combo knows how to uplift the shag haircut. After all, a good hairdo deserves a good wash.  

FAQs about The Latest Shag Haircut 

Everything you got to know about the hottest haircut in town: the shag haircut!  

Q1 Is the shag haircut recommended for thin hair? 

No, most experts will never recommend a shag haircut for thin hair because it is such a layered cut that it will take out too much weight and look like a mullet. Overall, making the locks look much thinner and sparse.  

Q2 Which face shape does the shag haircut suit the most? 

Well, owing to the dense layers, the shag haircut is perfect for framing a round face. Wonder why? Because the layers tend to cover the cheeks and flaunt the lower half of your face.  

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