No Colour Corrector? No Problem! Here’s A Smart Way To Conceal Those Dark Circles

Written by Anjali AgarwalApr 17, 2024
No colour corrector? No problem! Here’s a smart way to conceal those dark circles

That red lipstick sitting in your purse is no less than a superhero. No, we aren’t talking about how it magically adds drama to your look or makes you look awake, but the fact that it is the most usable and multi-tasking makeup staple to have ever existed. You can use it as a blush and an eyeshadow . What’s more is that a beauty rumour has it that it can also colour correct and make your dark circles go poof! Boy, we didn’t see that coming.

Turns out, red cancels out and hides the purplish-black pigment on your under-eye area and conceals your dark circles. So, if you’ve run out of your colour corrector, all you need is a bright lipstick to do the trick. Here is how you can use your red lipstick to colour correct and hide pesky dark circles like a pro.    

Buff some finishing powder

How to:

Step 1: Moisturise and prime your face and apply your foundation like you normally do.

Step 2: Take a red lipstick and mark your under-eye area in three to four vertical swipes.

BB pro tip: For fair and light skin, use pinkish red. For a medium skin tone, use burgundy or berry red, and for a dusky skin tone, use coral or orange-red.

Step 3: Blend the colour using your beauty blender in a dabbing motion and let it set for a minute.

Step 4: Apply your concealer in a triangular shape, covering the red colour and blend using a brush until it is completely hidden.

Buff some finishing powder

Step 5: Buff some finishing powder for a seamless and even coverage. And, you’re done!

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