There’s A Red Nail Paint For Every Skin Tone, Let’s Find Out Yours

Written by Sanya HamdaniMay 23, 2024
There’s a red nail paint for every skin tone, let’s find out yours

Finding the perfect red nail polish for your skin tone is no different than looking for that one red lipstick! We’ve been through our share of struggles so we know how difficult it is. But you do not necessarily have to do the same, we’re here to make your job easier. We have found THE red lipstick for every skin tone so you won’t have to! Scroll down to see yours...


For fair skin tone

For deep skin tone

Those with fair skin tone should look for reds with cool undertone. If you are looking for that classic red that complements your fair skin tone, go for a shade with a hint of blue. Wondering where you will find this exact shade? Well, we’ve found it for you, the stunning Lakmé True Wear Color Crush - Reds 31 is apt for your skin tone.


For medium skin tone

For deep skin tone

Wearing red nail paint with warm undertones will add more glow to your already glowing complexion. Shades like coral, or those with hints of orange and pinks will look absolutely amazing on your skin tone. We tried theLakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Nail Color – Crimson and it truly stands out!


For deep skin tone

For deep skin tone

You’ve been blessed with a skin tone that can sport any shade of red and look like a million bucks. But deep, rich reds with cool undertones such as wine red are your speciality. Try on the Lakmé True Wear Color Crush - Reds 22 to make your nails look their sophisticated best!

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