The Essential Guide To Party Dressing For Men

Written by Karabi TalukdarDec 21, 2016
The essential guide to party dressing for men
Deciphering party attire for men might seem daunting given the limitations it comes with. With New Year parties just around the corner, dress codes can be all over the place. But mastering the art of party dressing does not have to be so difficult. Here are 5 items that will get you through the upcoming festivities in style.

Velvet blazer

Printed pocket square

Velvet is all the rage this season and there is no reason you should shy away from trying it. A wonderfully tailored velvet blazer will complement the cocktail hour look. Opt for a darker shade like navy, cobalt or grey if you think the texture is too loud for your taste.

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A pair of Oxford shoes

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This one is a timeless piece and an investment you will not regret. Go for one in authentic leather and you can always switch things up with brogues or punch holes. For a classic vibe you should stick to colours like brown, navy and black.

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Statement shirt

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Instead of a plain white dress shirt, opt for a printed one this festive season. Be it striped or patterned, pick one with a white or a pastel base colour. It will give you a whole new edge. Pairing it with a suit? Make sure the colours complement each other.

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Silk or bow tie

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A printed silk tie or bow tie will lend a desired effortlessness and a whole new dimension to your look. Try incorporating ones with more modern shaping such as slim ties or small bow ties. Do not shy away from colours for a fun and fresh vibe.

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Printed pocket square

Printed pocket square

Whether you are wearing a sports jacket, blazer or suit jacket, this accent is a must-have. Own printed pocket squares and you will never walk out the door looking boring again. They add a poised depth to your look and carry a gentleman-like sensibility. Be creative while picking colours and patterns to ensure a polished and sleek finish.

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