What ‘Not’ To Wear To Work

Written by Deepa SajnaniAug 26, 2016
As a corporate novice, there are many things to consider while kick starting your first day at the job and dressing right can be such a task! As work wear gets more ambiguous, we here at BeBEAUTIFUL bring to you some essential ‘what not to wear’ tips to avoid that wardrobe blooper.
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Message in a tee
Don’t wear your opinion on the sleeve of your shirt or tee. You can find your voice elsewhere, ladies. Offensive quotes on shirts can be very distracting at the workplace and also slay away from professionalism.

Be cleavage clever
There’s nothing tackier than showing too much skin. Make sure to do a cleavage check for your tops, blouses or tees before leaving your home. Bend down to your toes as low as you can in front of the mirror to check that neckline. If it is too low, find a scarf or wear a higher neckline to avoid a peep show.

Bling alert
While we all love our jewels, let’s make sure the clanking of our baubles is not audible to the other person over the phone. Accessorise minimally using delicate pieces and perhaps one ring on each finger. There’s nothing more annoying than having your necklaces or stacked up bangles ring aloud like bells in a meeting.

Friday wardrobe bloopers
Yes, dressing to work on a Friday can be very tricky. But while it is the weekend, it still doesn’t give ripped jeans the green light. You’re best at wearing those jeans anywhere but at work. Invest in a pair of straight cut denim with minimal acid wash. Opt for a monotone throughout, such as dark or light blue.

Put your best foot forward
The importance of clean and correct footwear cannot be over stressed. Whether you’ve stuck your feet in the mud or kicked a couple of stones, keep a clean cloth/brush handy in your office drawer to clean your shoes. Wear closed toe shoes to work and tick-tocking in heels is a strict no-no. Also, tuck your flip-flops in the holiday tote and bid them goodbye for work.

At arm’s length
While there isn’t a rule in the office bible that says you can’t wear sleeveless, it’s still more favoured to be mindful of that. If you must want to show your worked-out biceps, wear a light cardigan or jacket over it.

Skirting the issue
Don’t mistake your office for a nightclub. While miniskirts make an easy entry into your favourite pub, they need to be exited just as quickly at the work place. Remember, it’s never the same length when you sit, so pick knee length skirts and leave enough room to move about freely.

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