6 Essential Wardrobe Hacks All Men Should Know About

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 17, 2018
Ever wondered why Chuck Bass looks like Chuck Bass even when he's pretty much wearing the same white shirt as yours? It's how he's wearing it that makes him stand out. Here are a few wardrobe hacks for all you men out there who have it in you but can't show it enough. Let's get you styled up!

Roll up those sleeves

Invest in some eyewear

To you, it might seem like the most ordinary thing to do, to relax and to roll up—but little do you know, just how much hotter you're looking right now! We mean, those forearms…


Invest in a pair of socks

Invest in some eyewear

No, socks do not go unnoticed. Especially if they're worn out or loose. So invest in a pair of neutrals and restock them frequently. Paying attention to the little deets go a long way.


Watch your collars

Invest in some eyewear

Even if you intend to leave them unbuttoned, they ought to look neat. Either iron them before you leave or keep the top button of the shirt buttoned up while it’s hanging in the closet.


Tailor your suits

Invest in some eyewear

A slick-looking suit can only save your day if it's well-tailored and flatters your body. Else you're just a walking disaster with boxy shoulders and creases all over like…umm, Trump.


Own a good watch

Invest in some eyewear

Just how exposed forearms can up your attractive quotient, a complementing accessory a.k.a a watch, one that's understated and not blingy or flashy, only makes it better. Word!


Invest in some eyewear

Invest in some eyewear

Sunglasses are a must, but you probably already own too many. However, chic (and geek) eyewear lends you an air of sophistication that just might help you get taken more seriously in life.

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