We’ve been big fans of DIYs for a long time now. We’ve made our own bracelets, neckpieces, face masks, cloth bags out of t-shirts and generally been super crafty around household paraphernalia as well. So it was about time that we dedicated our DIY energies to our all-time obsession - shoes! After some trial and error (and a few pairs of shoes,) here’s our quick DIY guide to making your own glitter shoes that even the red ruby slippered Dorothy would beg to own… or so we hope.
make your own diy glitter shoes 500x300 piccontent

You will needCanvas shoes (Our good ol’ Batas or Chuck Taylors should do just fine)
Loose glitter in bronze or gold
Laces in a contrasting colour
Fabric glue
Masking tape

Here’s what you need to do to add some bling to your step…

Step 1: Start by applying masking tape on the rubber band that runs all around your canvas shoe. If you’ve chosen Bata PT shoes, you can tape the white front as well. This will ensure that no paint, glue or glitter seeps onto that section.

Step 2: Divide each shoe into four sections for your reference. Using a flat (paint) brush, apply fabric glue on one section.

Step 3: Take a pinch of glitter in your fingers and apply it flatly on a small part of the area that you’ve glued. Continue this till you’re done with the entire section. Although this may seem tedious (and it is,) it is the best way to get the glitter to sit. If you sprinkle the glitter from the top, most of it will slide off. When you’re using your fingers, you get a better grip and can apply more pressure to get the glitter to stay. Follow this across all four sections for both shoes.

Step 4: Once you’re done, tap the shoes gently to let the extra glitter fall off. We’re warning you – there’s going to be a lot of it. It’s also quite common that the glitter and glue bunch up and falls off in small chunks. In that case, glue that section again and apply fresh glitter on it. Keep your shoes out to dry overnight.

Step 5: The next morning, tap your shoes gently and let the residual glitter slide. Take off the masking tape and lace your shoes. We’re digging the new trend of mismatched laces in neon although you can choose more sober colours if you don’t want to be too OTT. Get ready for some “OMG!” and some serious stares.

Warning: The first few times you wear the shoes, you’ll be leaving a trail of glitter wherever you go. The upside -anyone can find you no matter where you are. The downside - anyone can find you no matter where you are.