The Men’s Guide To Layering For The Winter

Written by Shreya ContractorNov 29, 2016
The Men’s Guide To Layering for the winter
You’ve probably felt that slight nip in the air on your way back home already—well, that’s because winter is almost here. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, this is probably your favourite season of the year, because it’s finally time to get out those closeted knits and layer up! If you’re not big on jackets, here are a few tips in the art of layering…



The key to playing with fabrics is to go from thin to thick. Start with your basic T-shirt that you’d wear on any other day and add outer layers such as a denim shirt and/or a knitted cardigan over it.




While layering different fabrics is the most functional way to go, experimenting with textures while you’re at it doesn’t hurt. So the next time you find yourself second guessing a sweater and cardigan combo—don’t.




Colours are great, but if you’re colour-shy, here’s some consolation—the winter colour palette tends to be quite muted; yellows are mustards, red is maroon and orange is burnt sienna. All you need is a hint of it to liven up your outfit.




Unless you’re quite fashion-savvy, mixing prints could feel a tad intimidating. Worry not as you could take baby steps by picking a single print such as stripes or plaid—can’t go wrong there—and play with different colours and textures around it.




When they said accessories could make or break an outfit, they meant it. So head to the accessories counter and take your pick—beanies, scarves, gloves and socks—they’re all at your disposal depending on how cold it really is.

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