Well... they may not be dressing themselves but they definitely know how to work it and be ahead when it comes to the fashion game! They’ve caught our attention and taught us how do a pair of boots or flaunt wavy hair with ease. Check ‘em out…

fashionable kids of instagram stella 430x550


Daughter of the famous lifestyle photographer Lindsey Belle, she poses for every picture like a star. She loves her prints – right from polka dots to checks and abstracts she wears ‘em like a fashionista and never disappoints with her expressions. Could you take a few lessons from her, oh yes!

fashionable kids of instagram elle 430x550

Elle @Babyellestyle

She’s definitely one diva in the making with her Louis Vuitton Bag and Chanel flats. An absolute star, she even dresses up to go to school with a headband and sunnies no less. And she’s got a rather enviable shoe collection, might we add.

fashionable kids of instagram lareta 430x550

Lareta, @fashion_laerta

If there’s one wardrobe we’d want to steal (although there will never be just ‘one)
Lareta’s it will be. She knows how to pout, she knows how to pose and she can carry off any outfit like that’s what she was born to do. Her looks of course are bang on trend – ripped denims, constellation print leggings and chic layers. A big aww and an even bigger awesome!

fashionable kids of instagram genesis 430x550


If there was an award for the most well put together kid, she’d win it hands down. A three-year-old trendsetter who can take kid styling to a whole new level, we love this kid’s poses and perpetual peace sign. And lest we forget, those adorable bangs.

fashionable kids of instagram rylee 430x550


A statement maker! Whether it’s a pair of pentagon shaped sunglasses or a pair of metallic brogues, she knows how to play hide-and-seek with her fashion buys. Super cute!