With the selfie-obsessed generation, how could we not explore ways and means to look photogenic all the time! Taking photos is an art and if you want a fair number of ♥s on your Instagram pictures you have to master your game. Scroll down to learn 5 easy tricks that will help you emerge as a diva in every picture you pose for.

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It’s all about the light

Finding the best light is the first step to a great picture. And by light we mean natural sunlight! Shaded sunlight or soft light during dusk and dawn are best since it makes your skin looks super fab while doing justice to the colours you’re wearing. Avoid the  12pm to 4pm light as it puts dark shadows under your eyes while making you look dull and tired.

how to look photogenic 24 x 7 430x550

Highlight your eyes

As the saying goes, your eyes reveal a lot about you, which means if you have to make yourself look good, you’ve gotta dress up those peepers. Resort to the old fashioned kohl (not to miss the concealer) or some light shadow and don’t forget that mascara.

easy tricks to look photogenic 430x550

Elongate your torso

A plunging neckline or a V-neck t-shirt or dress immediately elongates your torso. You could enhance your photo by going for big earrings or necklaces that strike out an amazing contrast with your clothes but make sure your jewellery isn’t so jarring that it draws attention away from your picture.

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Take seated photos from a higher angle and standing photos from a lower angle

Yes, this helps you highlight your face and outfit easily. It helps define your jaw-line and makes you look taller and leaner as it visually stretches out your figure.