The week that went by was all about the three musketeers (us three….Dipannita Sharma, Nethra Raghuraman and Fleur Xavier) catching up with each other after what seemed like and indeed was…. ages.

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The first night saw us get together for the music launch of Dipannita Sharma’s movie, “Take it easy”. Dips, as she is lovingly known to us, was indeed the star of the show and it was wonderful to see a friend in her movie star ‘avatar’ Going to a music launch like this does indeed make you consider and understand in a way the dreams, hopes and efforts that everyone puts into putting out something that they hope people will enjoy.

Photo credit:  Dipannita Sharma

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Not a run of the mill movie….But one that aimed at showcasing the tribulations and pressures of children in today’s modern day society, courtesy overbearing and pushy parents. Good luck to all who worked on it.

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Post that, it was off to Indigo for a real catch-up on what’s on going in everyone’s lives…

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That of course, stays between the three of us, but what we can tell is that you must try the Indigo Belgian dark hot chocolate. Sinful…but delicious.

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The second night saw us at Aer. Scott Schuman, founder of the Sartorialist was in town and Elle was hosting a do in his honour. Amidst fashion talk, it was great to catch up with folks normally not seen in a while. Models Bhavna Sharma and Lisa Ray, restauranteer A D Singh, actor Purab Kohli, Anushka Manchanda and others made it a fun night. The stars were out… well…a few of them at least (the ones in the sky, that is) and it was a calm and cool evening.

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Always good catching up with the trio…. Can’t wait till the next time around…


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Photo credit: little red tote