7 Ways To Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate

Written by Manasi RawalgaonkarSep 28, 2016
Nothing beats snuggling by your window, watching the rain beating down on the glass.  Hold on. Add a steaming mug of decadent hot chocolate to that scenario. Now it’s just perfect! But wait a moment. You know what the best thing about hot chocolate is? No, we do not mean its taste, even though that’s pretty spectacular. It’s the fact that hot chocolate is super adaptable. And there are a gazillion ways of having it. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Classic Hot Chocolate

Why mess with perfection, right? Simple, hearty and so-very comforting, classic hot chocolate is easily one of the best ways to have it.

Tip: Grate your favourite chocolate on top for that extra chocolatey zing.

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Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

If you want to spice things up a bit, cinnamon is the perfect companion to good ole classic hot chocolate. Grate some cinnamon into your drink while preparing it or simply drop in a few sticks for that added flavour.

Tip: Go easy on the cinnamon as its flavour can be quite overpowering. Remember, it’s hot chocolate, not cinnamon chocolate.

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Creamy Hot Chocolate

We love whipped cream and when you combine whipped cream with hot chocolate, you get a mug full of heaven right there. Add some fresh whipped cream onto your drink to increase its level of decadence.

Tip: Try not to drown your hot chocolate with a massive layer of whipped cream. It’ll taste incredible, but will also be too heavy for you to enjoy.

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Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate

Marshmallows, or s’mores, if you will, are perfect add-ons for hot chocolate. Their taste, flavour and texture complement the drink perfectly and also turn it into a satisfying snack. A spoonful of chocolate syrup makes this concoction even more divine.

Tip: Don’t overcrowd your hot chocolate with marshmallows. Always choose quality over quantity and the quality of your drink will definitely suffer if you stuff in too many s’mores.

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Thick Hot Chocolate

Some people prefer their chocolate milky, while some love it thick and gooey. We love it both ways. Few things are as satisfying as a cup of delicious, thick and incredible looking hot chocolate in a mug.

Tip: Enjoy this as it is. That’s the way it tastes best.

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Nutty Hot Chocolate

Grate in some nut-flavoured chocolate into your drink while preparing it for a punch of awesome flavour. It’s the perfect thing you need for those pesky, rainy days.

Tip: Stick to only one type of nutty chocolate. Do not try to mix almond and pistachio chocolate together. We take no responsibility for your drink.

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Citrus Hot Chocolate

This one’s for the truly adventurous. Dunk in a slice of your favourite citrus fruit –sweet lime, orange or tangerine into your mug for a few minutes before drinking it. If you’re someone who loves citrus fruits and chocolates and both of them together, you’ll love it.

Tip: Don’t leave in the fruit slice for too long as it might give your drink a bittersweet taste.

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