Models We Want To See Making A Comeback

Written by Chandni GhoshAug 26, 2015
The modeling world has given us some unforgettable faces who managed to steal the show every time they appeared on the ramp? Well, this bunch of girls, known for their powerful catwalk and unbelievable confidence, were a delight to watch as they sashayed down the ramp. We bet you want these girls to return to the runway as much as we do. Here’s who they are.

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Carol Gracias

Remember that time when every Fashion Week had our favourite model, Carol Gracious walk the ramp like she owned the show? We bet you miss that time as much as us. Although she went on to feature in music videos and even reality shows eventually, Carol created magic on the runway like nobody else. A designer’s delight, she did complete justice to every garment she wore on the ramp. No wonder then that even after having bid adieu to the modeling scene, designers still dote on her and want her to walk the runway for their shows once in a while.

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Tapur Chatterjee

The prettiest girl on the runway, Tapur was one of the most celebrated models in India a few years ago. In her modeling career spanning 7 years, the girl wowed everyone with her confidence on the ramp. Exactly why she was a favourite amongst most designers who demanded her presence at every show. The girl went on to participate in reality shows but we sure miss seeing her vivacious presence on the ramp.

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Madhu Sapre

Can you ever forget Madhu Sapre’s controversial print ad with her then beau Milind Soman for a brand of shoes that left everyone shocked? Well, on the ramp, she exuded the same amount of hotness; something that had all the designers of her time vying for her. She may have quit the scene years ago but she will always be one of the best supermodels to have ever walked the ramp.

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Indrani Dasgupta

A face of Lakmé  once upon a time, Indrani Dasgupta was one of the most popular models of her time. High cheek bones, stunning posture and that unbelievable walk on the runway, Indrani was truly a designer’s dream muse. She may not be seen often on the ramp these days but she does oblige her favourite designers whenever they need her to bring life to their couture by walking the ramp for them. And we sure love that sight, don’t we?

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Noyonika Chatterjee

With a 23-year old illustrious modeling career, few can match up to the magic that Noyonika brought to the ramp. Called the Naomi Campbell of India, this dusky diva was inundated with one modeling assignment after another when she was ruling the ramp. After all, her signature curls, long legs and loads of attitude made her one of the most sought-after models back then. Well, she might be a mother to a 12-year old today but if she returns, she can surely give so many of the current faces a run for their money. Don’t you agree?

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