A Gentleman's Guide To Wearing Colour This Summer

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 08, 2018
A gentleman's guide to wearing colour this summer
Summer fashion never meant playtime only for the girls—boys can have fun too. While it may be easier for the femella to unleash their tropical prints and take on the brightest colours in town, men’s fashion needn’t take a back seat, for men too can find their fun in pastel colours and dainty prints to live it up this summer.

Never done it before? Well, there's always a first time. So here’s calling out all boys and men to take their summer fashion for a spin this season and rock a whole new colour palette for the summer!


Hello yellow

Go Green

Goes without saying, if not yellow now then when? Its siblings in mustard, ochre and honey don't hurt either, they'll only make you come off as happier and more approachable. We'd pick Primrose Yellow!

Best bet: Slim fit shirts


Think Pink

Go Green

It's been established that pink isn't just for the girls anymore—thanks to Pantone’s Rose Quartz, a colour that your girlfriend loved and you didn't mind. It only gets better this year with 2017’s Pale Dogwood and the newest Millennial Pink!

Best bet: Polo necks


Beat Blue

Go Green

For he who likes to play it safe or has quite the classic sense of style, blue is always a la mode. This year, we have Island Paradise (love!) for day and the chicest spin on your regular navy, called Lapis Blue, for the evening.

Best bet: Shorts and chinos


Being Beige

Go Green

If there's one thing that can be banked on in this ever-changing world of fashion, it'd be neutrals. Because skin tone and safe zone! So go right ahead with the likes of Ecru, Champagne Beige and Hazelnut.

Best bet: Literally anything!


Go Green

Go Green

Lastly, Greenery—Pantone Color of the Year 2017—for men. Because nobody said men’s fashion intended to be left behind. There's also Kale for those that prefer muted tones, but either way, green is the way to go this summer.

Best bet: Ties and sunnies

Image Credits: Pinterest, Finaest, Man Of A Kind, Mondo Moda, The Idle Man

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