Men's style was in full swing at the London Fashion Week S/S 2017. Apart from fashion raging on the runways, the streets were no less when the UK’s finest decided to take it upon themselves to make it look like there was a party in town and only the chicest dressed could RSVP.

septum ring on riri

Loved that septum ring on RiRi? He did too. And he's here to show you how it's not just for the girls.

classic trench coat

Nothing like a classic trench coat spotted on the streets of London. Extra points for that perfectly paired watch though.

coat on as a cape

We like how the boys are borrowing from the girls, because then we get to say we did it first, when you threw that coat on as a cape.

leather jackets

Leather jackets can never go out of style, but this particular boxy one reminded us of Marlon Brando all over again.


When words fail, let your accessories do the talking.

remnants of the vietnam war

Graphic representations of the remnants of the Vietnam war made for quite an impactful statement.

idea of pink on boys

Start getting used to the idea of pink on boys, because they're about to give you some serious competition.

50 shades of blue

All suited up in 50 shades of blue. Do you think he’s ever heard of Edward Nygma? Or Gotham? Perhaps.

Image Credits:
GQ, pausemag, pinterest