In an ideal fashion world we would celebrate all body figures and types. We would invest in and value sustainable fashion! Skinny or curvy, fair or dusky, women would wear their body types and skin tones with sheer confidence and walk the ramp of life with panache, flaunting their respective styles! And wouldn’t all that make perfect sense, considering fashion is all about celebrating personal styles and not being defined by high street labels? But guess what, fashion today is redefining itself. Change is on the cards as people are now willing to turn towards responsible ethical fashion. Campaigns like the #FashionTakeBack are here to put mind over matter and claim fashion back. Read on…
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‘Fashion is ours, let’s take it back’, said the #FashionTakeBack campaign by Collectively

People and brands (high street and start-ups) world over are now turning towards responsible, ethical fashion in all its possible forms. In India we recently saw some of the biggest brands like Ritu Kumar with her Reinventing Banaras and Anita Dongre with her Grass Root collection this Fashion Week focusing on taking fashion back to its roots. We’re incessantly seeing brands sourcing textiles consciously, reviving authentic textile arts, realising the worth of organic fashion and celebrating real bodies!

(For more on sustainable responsible fashion in India read our story on Slow Fashion.)

We have recently also witnessed labels and fashion brands reject excessive photo-shopping and cover real-sized models. We have seen new designers and independent labels invest in the arts and crafts of the past, read: Jodi Life, Sole Sisters to name a few.

Well, we have made our point amply clear with that many examples. Our generation now wants to claim its fashion back and we at BeBeautiful couldn’t agree more. We want to own and create our own fashion rules and not conform to the set definitions of what is beautiful and trending. And that is precisely what the campaign #FashionTakeBack set out to achieve!

As the Collectively campaign site states—“We want our style to have a story, so the industry is reinventing what ‘good fashion’ really means. Fashionable now means DIY, real bodies, voting with your wallet and clothes swapping, instead of luxury ‘status’ and impossible body shapes.”

The campaign invited fashion folks from across the globe to join the #FashionTakeBack conversation and share how you or someone you know will change fashion for the better. They urged you to name or nominate your favourite #FashionTakeBack crusader be it a DIY queen, someone selling fair trade or boycotting crude fashion or fighting digital-image editing.

The Collectively campaign urges you to pledge that you will invest and participate in good, ethical, sustainable fashion in whatever capacity you can. So ladies if like us you too are sold for what the campaign aimed to achieve then go right ahead and do everything you can to add to this conversation. Wear styles, participate in projects and join the movements that are shaking up the world of fashion.

You can follow more of the #FashionTakeBack conversation on Twitter using the hashtag.