Make The Most Of Denim This Season

Written by Manavi SiddhantiOct 16, 2014
The season is changing and so are the trends. But one of them remains a wardrobe staple. Yes, denim was our go-to trend during the summer and it has also made its way to being a fall favourite. We tell you how to upgrade your wardrobe and enjoy this look to the fullest.

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Upgrade your denim shirt

With the right amount of comfort and colour, a denim shirt is perfect for the day when you are pitching an important idea at work. Try darker, deeper hues of blue (unlike the summer season) or panelled blues. Here is our pick from Nautica.

how to rock the denim look denim watch 430x550

Own different cuts of jeans

Feel free to play around with different cuts this season. Wear straight-fit jeans with a knitted sweater, or try going casual chic with a pair of loose, boot-cut jeans. Ideally, choose a different pair for weekdays and weekends. Also, get your hands on Reebok's denim cargos that are perfect for your dance moves. They are made from French terry fabric, which allows for easy movement.

how to rock the denim look denim watch 430x550

Go skinny with jeggings

Let's admit it – they make you feel sexy and at the same time, make you work harder in the gym. Pair them with your favourite printed top/plaid shirt/leather jacket – you name it and it works. Plus, if you have a foot fetish, feel free to complement them with calf-length booties or ankle boots. Here is our favourite pair of jeggings from Vero Moda.

how to rock the denim look denim watch 430x550

Go back in time

The 90s, for most of us, translated into short denim jackets. Take a trip down memory lane by enjoying the nip in the air while wearing a cute denim jacket over your favourite maxi dress, a woolen skirt or even your jeans, (denim on denim can never look wrong). Accents like studs, fur, lining and designs are always welcome. If you don't want to dig one out from your closet, you'll like this one from Only – it looks so snug.

how to rock the denim look denim watch 430x550

Embrace your feminine side

Skirts are the ultimate symbol of femininity, but we understand how cold it gets, which means choosing a heavy texture, including denims (avoid silks and satins). Wear thigh-high socks or leggings when the temperature goes down. You can choose any length of your liking but a knee-length skirt can never look wrong. This one from Lifestyle in particular, is adorable because of its bicycle print.

how to rock the denim look denim watch 430x550

Bonus: Can't get enough of this fabric? Wear it on your wrist with Diesel's Denim Collection. It's what you call haute horology.

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