The Men’s Guide To Wearing Sneakers

Written by Shreya ContractorFeb 16, 2017
The Men’s Guide To Wearing Sneakers
Just like your basic jeans have gone through multiple transformations and face-lifts over time, so have your sneakers. If Converse is the first to come to your mind when talking sneakers, then you sure have some catching up to do. For starters, let’s get you familiarized with the types and terms used for sneakers, before moving on to talk about different shoe styles.

High Top Sneakers

Sports Sneakers

Originally designed for basketball players to protect their ankles and prevent any injuries, this sneaker style soon spread to the bleachers. It comes with little surprise though, for high dunks do look better when styled with tees and blazers as opposed to basketball shorts.

Best worn with—skinny jeans and a bomber jacket.


Low Top Sneakers

Sports Sneakers

Low tops have been around for a long time, but we’d call on Kobe Bryant for popularizing them again in the early 2010s. Rumours floated about how he was inspired by soccer cleats, hence chose to wear them—either way, low tops were back and this time they made it straight to the high streets.

Best worn with—a cardigan and slim-fit jeans.


Slip Ons

Sports Sneakers

The lazier, chicer brothers of your regular low tops that make it possible to wear them to work—in fact make it a great choice rather. The comfiest to slip into, they’re all you need to take your day look and make it work at night. Yep, you can say it—slip ons are shoe evolution done right.

Best worn with—a shirt and a pair of shorts.



Sports Sneakers

Remember those white canvas shoes you wore as a kid to school? They’re actually called plimsolls, that came into being before the term ‘sneakers’ was ever coined. Of course, they’ve upgraded now, thanks to the variety of raw materials available today, but we’d give our special thanks to Keds.

Best worn with—a blazer and trousers.


Sports Sneakers

Sports Sneakers

The sneakers that stand out the most from the lot, and not just for being more functional than designer, they also incorporate the latest tech and innovations in fabrics and materials that make them very difficult to resist. Street style sightings across the globe are evidence for the same.

Best worn with—a T-shirt and skinny jeans

Image Credits: Calio, Coach, Mens Fashion Magazine, Lyst, Mr Porter, Daniel T Jester

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