3 Off-Beat Wedding Ideas We Love

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 09, 2016
So your tastes are a little unconventional, you don’t always appreciate the bling and the jazz that weddings come with. We get it – you don’t like the usual wedding fuss and you don’t necessarily have to settle for a wedding like everyone else’s. Especially, since we’ve got you a bunch of off-beat wedding ideas. Take a look…

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A Woodsy farm Wedding

A simple wedding amidst the rustic solace of the woods or in an organic farm, does that sound tempting to you? If the nature is your calling then this might make for an excellent wedding idea! Book a villa in the woods or in a far off farm and invite family and close friends for a quaint wedding affair. Use wooden furniture to add to the rustic, organic feel.

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An organic eco-friendly wedding

If you are the kind who’s always trying to reduce your carbon footprint and want to apply the same rule to your wedding then opt for an organic, outdoor farmhouse wedding and save on the electricity and lighting, use recycled paper, home-grown flowers and if possible organic food too.

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Literary wedding

If you are someone who has been bitten by the literature bug then you should totally make it your wedding theme. This way, everything you love can be a part of your wedding. Turn your wedding cake into a book cake and get your favourite lines imprinted on it or place an old school vintage typewriter on the guest table and have your guests write you personal messages. And our absolute favourite, turn the pages from a classic childhood novel into a wedding invite or use bookmarks for invites, that way you will save on paper.

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