5 Diy Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Written by Shreya ContractorSep 21, 2018
5 DIY Instagram accounts you must follow
Obsessed with the pretty little things you find on Instagram and Pinterest? You’re not alone. Have you seen the number of college kids that have mason jars hanging from their ceilings for no practical purpose at all? Well, that’s Pinterest-obsession for you. DIY is the new norm and here are the DIY Instagram accounts you need to be following stat.

Jenni Radosevich | @ispydiy

Geneva Vanderzeil | @apairandaspare

Having been nominated for the ‘Best DIY Blog’ (more than once) ought to speak for itself. No? Well then a scroll through Jenni’s feed ought to do it for you, as you scroll through fancy work desks to even fancier walls that make you wonder—is this for real? Hell yeah!

One DIY we’d like to try: The neon letter light


Erica Domesek | @psimadethis

Geneva Vanderzeil | @apairandaspare

The only way to do great work is to love what you do—remember this? Well, Erica sure does, as she resonates it in each DIY post that goes up on her blog. Heads up, there’s some serious emoji-love happening in there too!

One DIY we’d like to try: The perforated emoji clutch


Mandi Gubler | @vintagerevivals

Geneva Vanderzeil | @apairandaspare

That’s one fearless DIY-er (as she calls herself) to be able to revamp entire rooms as opposed to just parts of them. While she does maintain a healthy balance of buying to go with her DIY-ing, we still couldn’t resist, for that room is a dream room!

One DIY we’d like to try: The wired lampshade light


Chelsea | @threadthewick

Geneva Vanderzeil | @apairandaspare

For when sharpie doodles and pins and patches become mainstream, that’s when embroidery becomes the new quirky. Not the old boring motifs that grandma would embroider, but the uber sassy ones that Chelsea does!

One DIY we’d like to try: The embroidered love notes


Geneva Vanderzeil | @apairandaspare

Geneva Vanderzeil | @apairandaspare

If you always thought there was more to DIY than just crafts and home decor, Geneva’s here to prove it as she takes conventional fashion, food and travel for a spin with her global community, that is, a pair & a spare.

One DIY we’d like to try: The bow party heels

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