Amongst the many things that we have had to lose on our way to adulthood, family time is the most crucial. While everything else has moved forward and grown over the years, family time has only shrunk. But then that’s the price we think everyone should refuse to pay for growing up. Since summer is almost nearing its end, it’s time to reclaim the quality family time and what better a way to do that, than to revisit all the childhood board games that kept the family glued to the table? So get the family together, lay the game board and let the family party begin as we list some classic board games that need to be brought out of that closet…

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Who does not miss sitting down with the parents for a leisurely game of Scrabble on a scorching summer afternoon? And while things may have changed on the summer vacation front, the game hasn't changed one bit. So get that Scrabble out and watch the afternoons spill over to the evenings.

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Snakes and Ladders

This may seem like too childish a game now that we are all grown up. But we kid you not when we say that the joys of rolling the dice just never gets old. Pull out that Indian version, Snakes and Ladders or the Candy Land, roll the dice and watch your self become the kid again.

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No Indian family can deny their love of carrom. We have all, at some point in our childhood, sat around that board and chased the red queen. There is no reason why that carrom board shouldn’t bring the family together again!

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A classic strategy game, this one has led to many a family bout! Chess is one of those smarty pant games that we all wanted to compete with one another at to prove our intellectual might. How about giving it a shot now?

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No game has trained us better at growing up in this capitalist world than the game of Monopoly. Best suited for the budding capitalists to learn the ways of the world, this classic real estate game taught us to deal in tokens and properties while we were still kids. Revisiting the game might just add a new dimension to how we look at things.

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Special Mention - Twister

Clearly this one is not your typical board game, but it sure is a fun take on family bonding! The game will lead to family togetherness at well, another level of proximity! Right foot red and your left hand green, time to get tangled in your family bonds a little too much.