Books can take you places, both figuratively and literally. There are books that will make you tread into unknown territories, books that will take you down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland! Now these are the kind of books we like, the ones that paint a picture so beautiful you want to travel to the place they make believe. Read on as we list a few books we know will take you to places you wish really existed…

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How can we possibly not include Hogwarts in this list? It is at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that Harry met his best friends Ron and Hermione and that is where all the magic takes place! A product of J.K Rowling’s magic wand (her pen) Hogwarts is an iconic factious place on the literary fiction map.

What we love about it:

We love Hogwarts for more reasons than one but first obviously for the fact that it is not any other muggle school. Everything from the moving staircases to all the amazing creatures to the magic spells, from the flying brooms to the adorable characters, we love it all.

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fictional places from literature that we wish were real narnia 600x399


Admit it there have been instances when you have checked your wardrobe to see if it opened into the frozen world of Narnia. ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ by by C.S.Lewis is one of those books that will continue to remain our favourite factious memory from childhood.

What we love about it:

Once we experienced the adventures of Narnia we have definitely, at least once, opened the wardrobe and hoped for it to take us into the magical land. A land of mythical characters and magic, a place where animals could talk and lions were friends, Narnia is every child’s dream holiday destination.

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fictional places from literature that we wish were real wonderland 600x295


The classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll takes us down a rabbit hole and into the wonderland where all the magic happens. All versions of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ have mesmerised adults and children alike. This captivating tale has immortalised the rabbit hole and turned it into a metaphor for life.

What we love about it:

Everything that unfolds down that rabbit hole from the tea party, to the queens to the magic potion to the mad hatter, we love wonderland for all that but what we love the most about it is the fact that it doubles up to play a metaphor to the ups and downs of life.

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fictional places from literature that we wish were real neverland 600x391


J.M. Barrie’s original Peter Pan book explores the Neverland, filled with mermaids, pirates, and fairies. Now that is some place to be when looking to escape the realities of life.

What we love about it:

The dwelling place of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell et al, there’s no reason not to fall in love with Neverland. And what’s not to love about a place that keeps you from aging, plays a metaphor for eternal childhood and endorses escapism from the harsh realities of life. Who wants to grow up anyway?

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Chocolate factory

This classic by Roald Dahl explores the world of Willy Wonka and the insides of his chocolate factory that no one has had a chance to see. The story revolves around Charlie who manages to win one of the five golden tickets and eventually comes to own it. Such an endearing tale, that it was adopted by Tim Burton into a movie that was loved by children and elders alike.

What we love about it:

The twisted Willy Wonka and the simpleton Charlie, Wonka’s extravagant ways and Charlie’s humble upbringing, the magical world of candy and the brutal realities of life all come together in a symphony to make complete sense at this magical factory. Need we another reason to love the place?

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