5 No-Fail Gift Ideas For Rakshabandhan

Written by Shreya ContractorAug 18, 2016
5 no-fail gift ideas for Rakshabandhan
Rakshabandhan is here, and while we wish our dear brothers well, we’re also looking forward to that present he’s hiding behind his back. We can’t help it, this is the one day we’re allowed utmost pampering, so why not? Here are a few gift ideas that always work…

Spend on lipsticks

Adopt a pet

That box of chocolates can always be replaced with lipsticks. No girl could ever have enough, believe us. Even if you can’t figure out what shade to buy, choose the one you like, or choose 3. She’ll know how to work them.


Splurge on gadgets

Adopt a pet

Even if she hasn’t asked for one yet, she’d never refuse to have the fanciest new thing on the market. Besides, she’d never take expensive presents from her friends so who better than her bhaiyya to gift her this.


Have a sibling outing

Adopt a pet

Remember that trip she’s been saving up for? Or the fine-dining restaurant she knows serves the best dessert? Well, take her there. This one’s on you.


Take her shopping

Adopt a pet

Can’t decide what to get her? Well, let her decide for herself. Take her shopping. And if you’d dare (and care), let her have your credit card for just a day.


Adopt a pet

Adopt a pet

She’s been wanting one for the longest time but she’s never managed to convince the parents. Take the lead this Rakshabandhan and make things easier for her by having this conversation and getting her that puppy or kitten she’s always wanted! Or better still, take her on a surprise visit to an animal foster care center and let her make a choice.

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