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As a women’s beauty and lifestyle portal that works endlessly to bring you everything that keeps the women’s world abuzz, we think it is only fair that we also bring you women’s voices that are shaking things up on the feminist frontier. Which is why, we have curated a list of five TED Talks by women speakers that absolutely deserve to be heard. Watch on…

Monica Lewinsky’s ‘The price of shame’

In this TED Talk named ‘The Price of Shame’ Monica Lewinsky shares her personal experience of losing reputation on a global scale. She speaks of the public shaming episode in her life, cyber bullying and criticises the culture of humiliation, the price of which amounts to monetary profit. Lewinsky confesses her love, mistakes and states facts about the irresponsible freedom of expression online. Overall the talk is a great insight into the unpleasant side of digital media.

Meaghan Ramsey’s ‘Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you’

In this unsettling talk by Meaghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, she raises a sensitive issue of beauty complexes amongst women. She touches upon the issue of low body and image confidence that makes teenage girls value themselves on the basis of online ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments.’ She then speaks of key measures to avoid beauty complexes that are a result of our over-documented lives.

Cameron Russell’s ‘Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.’

This is one powerful, honest, straight-from-the-heart talk by model Cameron Russell that shatters the perception of image and looks. Russell takes us through the superficiality and power of image and shares how the industry had her looking seductive when she was barely sixteen. The talk is an inspiration to develop beauty confidence

Ashley Graham’s ‘Plus sized? More like my size!’

This again is a personal account of internationally popular body activist, model and entrepreneur, Ashley Graham who dismisses the label ‘Plus size model’ and rejects the tag to call it, “More like my size”. She takes us through her journey of establishing herself in the fashion industry and asserts the need to embrace body diversity, thus marking a shift in beauty paradigms with her inspiring talk.

Hillary Clinton’s talk at TEDWomen 2010

In this talk Hillary Clinton addresses every possible women’s issue that there is world over. Speaking passionately about women empowerment, she touches upon the need for a platform like TEDWomen and urges cultures and societies the world over to value the girl child and, more importantly, urges women to value themselves.

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