Gone are the days when socializing at work only meant hanging out in the office corridors by the coffee machine and gossiping about the co-workers. Times have changed and so has the definition of socializing at work. Socializing at work no more paints a distressing picture, mingling with your colleagues even befriending them is now a welcome thought and the advantages are evident. Here is listing a few…


It helps you network

When you work in the same industry for years you will realise it helps to know people at work. When you are in the same organization and when you have moved on to work elsewhere, either way these are the people who will come in handy if you ever need to look around for a shift in job or just general information.


Enables knowledge sharing

In a day’s work, multiple mails go around are a lot of communication takes place which is why the possibility of missing out on little pieces of information is a certain possibility. Plus, when it comes to sharing information it also means sharing of different perspectives and opinion which only adds to one’s ability to evaluate things, work and life at large.


Socializing with new employees

Remember when you just started off with your first job and walked in feeling like Alice (from Alice in Wonderland). Had someone from office extended a hand and offered to take you through the departments, introducing you around, would that not have helped? It would right. Precisely the reason why it is a good idea to indulge in socialising at work!


Paves way for teamwork

Socialising at work will encourage teamwork and team bonding like nothing else will. Friendships among team mates will only lead to better productivity, more positivity and make way for better work.


Builds alliances for relationships outside of work

Socialising across the teams is as important as socializing within the team. This way strong alliances can be built between members of different departments, which could be a relationship you could pursue both within and outside of the office. Who knows? You could finally find that gym or Crossfit buddy you’ve been looking for for so long.