5 Reasons Why The Internet Is Going Nuts Over Fidget Spinners

Written by Shreya ContractorMay 17, 2022
5 reasons why the Internet is going nuts over fidget spinners
Firstly, what are fidget spinners?

Fidget spinners are the newest toys for the Gen Z kids who are done with Candy Crush and the like. They’re small ball-bearing devices that people can flick to spin. The movement caused helps people calm down (similar to these paint mixing videos) or so the popular opinion goes.

While fidget spinners may be considered to be quite the fad this year, falling in the same category as fidget cubes, Rubik’s cubes and even hula hoops for that matter—there’s no denying they’re all the rage in the world RN! Here’s giving you all the reasons why the Internet is going nuts over fidget spinners.


Fidget spinners, as claimed by marketers worldwide, serve as an antidote to those with anxiety, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and autism. The tossing and spinning motion of fidget spinners has a sensory appeal to the users that helps users relax and calm down.


Fidget spinners are ideal for everyone, from kids to adults. They’re a great way to stay focussed on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed about it. Especially for people with anxiety who need to fidget with something in order to keep busy and calm their nerves (think of using one with your hands under the table when you’re at an interview.)


They’re a good alternative to watching funny videos on YouTube, when taking a breather from work or to beat the mid-afternoon slump. The physics and the mechanism of the many ways to use a fidget spinner also helps keep users busy as there’s always more tricks to discover.


However, controversies have arisen with respect to fidget spinners. While they may help kids with anxiety and autism to relax; more and more kids (without such conditions) are jumping on the bandwagon and getting distracted with fidget spinners, which make it difficult for them to focus in class.


But then again, to each his own. Overall, fidget spinners are great stress busters. Their easy to carry portable natures make them ideal for backpacks and/or jeans pockets. They are also really affordable and can be customized to match your taste. How does one not give them a try?

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