Sexism (noun) : Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex Sure enough, most working women in India have had instances where they have been victims of sexism. It has come to a point at which we have almost become accustomed to not making a fuss about it at work. Casual sexist remarks however haven’t ceased to exist and we believe that needs to change. Here is listing a few such remarks that we women need to stop being subjected to by our male chauvinist counterparts.
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‘Is it that time of the month for you’

Being accused of menstruation when you voice a firm opinion (or even the slightest genuine irritation) is the most common sexist remark that women themselves are not mindful of making especially while talking to each other.

‘Can I speak to a man instead?’

Being asked if a man is available to speak to instead is not something a woman needs to take kindly. If in an argument or a situation where there is lack of understanding is being turned into a gender issue, you need not entertain gender biases.

‘Can you distribute the drinks?’

In an all men meeting if you are asked or expected to take notes, make tea or distribute drinks then you have a problem at hand. Ladies, don’t get the men in the team in that habit, you are no peon.

That ‘baby brain’ tag

More often than not a woman’s opinion or ideas will be dismissed because she is just a girl and then the same idea will do the rounds and suddenly a man’s version of it works fine! Yes that’s sexism and you need not take it.

That ‘bitch’ tag

If you can’t raise your voice to make a point chances are you are a baby brain. If you are assertive you are the office bitch. It is extremely common at a work place for women to be categorized as one or the other.

"A woman looks good in a car only when she's in the passenger's seat."

That dear girls, is a sexist statement when made at work and otherwise. While it can easily pass of as a casual joke it still is a sexist statement.