It's that time of the year again! Vegetating at home will seem like a welcome  idea rather than being out in the blinding sunlit outdoors! Being home will also mean quality family time and what better way to do this than getting together to watch old sitcoms. To refresh your  memory, here are some ideas:

sitcoms to revisit this summer different strokes 600x400

Different Strokes

‘Whatchoo talkin ‘bout’ may be a catch phrase that Arnold immortalized but there are more reasons to why we all love Different Strokes. This sitcom will continue to remain an endearing part of our childhood. The show with its plot woven around two African-American boys, Arnold and Willis Jackson, adopted by a rich, white Park Avenue-based business man, is a heart rending tale of a mixed race family. While the show dealt with sensitive issues like racism and child abuse it did so with utmost integrity and subtle intervals of humour.

sitcoms to revisit this summer full house 600x400

Full House

Featuring a widowed man, Danny, his three daughters and two of his best friends who move in to help him raise the girls, this show is probably one of the best things to have happened to our childhood. So if you too are one of us 90s kids who were in completely awe of Uncle Jesse’s rock-punk style, loved baby Michelle's cutesy lines, Joey's  funny antics and more, then this is the shows you must revisit this summer.

sitcoms to revisit this summer that 70s show 430x550

That 70s show

This is one of those teenage shows we have all grown up watching through our adolescence. A period sitcom set in the 70s, the series focused on the lives of a group of teenage friends and their crazy families from Wisconsin. Laced in effortless humour the show addressed social issues of the 1970s America, like sexism, economic hardships, recession, mistrust of the American government by blue-collar workers, and teenage troubles and more.

sitcoms to revisit this summer kumars no 42 600x400

The Kumar’s at No. 42

In the early 2000s came this British comedy that featured a fictional Indo-British family running a talk show on TV, recorded at their residence. Humour found its way in as celebrities made guest appearances on the show, while it was hosted by Sanjeev, and well, the entire family at large, especially his very colourful grandmother, Ummi!  No wonder Indians everywhere could enjoy the show's humour and nuances.

sitcoms to revisit this summer wonder years 600x400

The Wonder Years

Another 80s show that spilled over to the 90s, The Wonder Years was a comedy-drama set in the turbulent times of the late 60s and 70s. The show chased protagonist Kevin Arnold’s life through his childhood, puberty and eventually adulthood and tapped onto his equation with his childhood sweetheart Winnie Cooper, family, siblings and friends, while his voiceover as a then adult, spoke to the audience directly. Romance, heartbreak, sibling rivalry and so many more reasons for you to revisit this story.