When planning a wedding, the to-do list will always be in direct competition with the beauty must-do list. So ladies, while you do everything to make your wedding a success don’t forget to pamper yourselves as much as possible before the big day. Make yourself a well-timed appointment at a spa salon and get ready to revel in the many bridal spas that there are. Here is listing a few…

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Aroma Therapy Massage

Apart from the fact that spa therapies add to the bride’s beauty quotient, they are also a great way for the bride to de-stress. Aroma therapy treatments with aroma oils like lavender, lemon grass et all, work as amazing calming agents. Plus there’s nothing better than some me-time in the middle of the madness.

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Swedish Massage

Designed specifically to sooth those stressed muscles, Swedish massages involve smooth strokes, kneading and circular movements over the muscles. Using massage lotions or oils, this therapy relaxes and helps with body firming - everything a would-be bride needs. This is especially beneficial if you’ve been spending way too much time at the gym or on the track to gear up for your big day.

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Thai Massage

Thai massage is a no oil massage which focuses on applying gentle pressure on specific points. It includes stretches that help align the energies of the body. The therapists here stretch your body such that it improves your core body strength, works to reduce stress and improves flexibility. Now isn’t that something every woman needs before she starts her new life?

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Hot Stone Massage

Here is something every bride should experience to keep her cool through the wedding planning days! Hot smooth stones (herbal compresses) are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen up those tight muscles. While the warmth is a comforting factor, it also melts away the stressed and tightened muscles knots. This therapy is far more than just relaxation, it is a healing therapy with all too many patrons boasting of its effectiveness!

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Body wraps

These are the best of to-be brides. Body wrap therapies start with exfoliating the body using a scrub, step two is a body mask and finally the wrap. You are then allowed to rest while the mask dries of and the wrap works its magic. The wrap is then removed and a moisturiser is applied. Not only do these wraps work on skin quality but are great for a bride who’s heading for that beach honeymoon.