5 Unconventional Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Written by Shreya ContractorDec 28, 2016
5 unconventional ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve
Even though it says ‘New” Year’s Eve’, you’ve surprisingly been doing the same things every year—bar hopping and drunk dancing your way till the first of January. Give yourself a break this year and part from the familiar—for that’s how you learn and that's how you grow.

So what do you do then? Eliminating the drinks and the bars has you drawing a blank in your head. Don't worry now, we've got a couple alternatives jotted down in case you'd be willing to dare try the unconventional.

Get out of the city

Do something bizarre

Camping under the stars may sound cliché, but have you done it yet? How about by the water or on the hills? The weather’s fab, you can drive (or rent), you are young and you have a ride-or-die best friend by your side—so why not?


Stay in

Do something bizarre

Spend time with the fam, read the book that’s been lying in your bookshelf for a while now, watch a foreign film with subtitles—all in the luxury of your jammies. If this doesn’t sound like a dream NYE, we don’t know what does.


Go to your spot

Do something bizarre

Just because it’s NYE, you needn’t give in to the hype. Think of the number of happy times you and your BF/BFF have shared on a terrace top or a park bench and just meet up there. The chill in the air and the festive vibes will only make it better—guaranteed.


Have a sleepover

Do something bizarre

Again, why give in to all that noise outdoors when you could have deep conversations over ice cream with your best friends? Ice cream sound too mainstream—well, stir up a few cocktails to keep up with the festive spirit.


Do something bizarre

Do something bizarre

Just for kicks! Bake cakes and diss her if yours turns out better; have a who-can-contour-better challenge (and let your dog be the judge of it); put on your best outfit and strut down the most lit up street in the city simply because you can. We’re all paradox souls. Live it up, now is the time! ❤️

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