The skin around our joints—ankles, knees and elbows tends to usually be a shade darker and a tad bit rough as compared to the rest of our skin. Which means it needs special care and we at BB believe that special care is best taken the natural way. Read on therefore as we enlist a bunch of home remedies to combat dark elbows and knees.

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Baking soda with milk

Baking soda mixed into a paste with milk when applied on elbows and knees in circular motion every other day can help lighten those marks.

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Coconut, sesame or almond oil

Applying coconut or almond oil on the affected areas before retiring for bed can prove beneficial for those dark areas around your joints. The oils have high contents of fatty acids that help moisturise the dark area and helps tone down the roughness.

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Honey, lemon and sugar scrub

Make a scrub of lemon juice mixed in sugar or pomegranate or orange juice, olive oil and honey. Scrub the darkened area with this potion and wash off in ten minutes. These ingredients have natural bleaching agents and help lighten the dark area and leave your skin supple.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera known for its moisturizing properties is the best when it comes to healing sun damaged skin. Aloe Vera gel is extremely beneficial for skin nourishment.

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Yogurt and Vinegar

Mix yogurt and vinegar into a paste and scrub on knee and elbow region. Let it dry, then dampen it with water and massage it well, wash off with cold water.

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Olive oil and sugar scrub

Mix olive oil and sugar into a paste and massage on your elbow and knee region until the sugar melts. Considering olive oil has nourishing properties and sugar works as an exfoliating agent for the skin, together they work well to eliminate dark patches.

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Milk, turmeric and honey

Turmeric has healing properties and when it is mixed into a paste with milk and honey it makes for an amazing skin pack. It rubs off tan and lightens skin too.