You might be stocking up on your beauty buys like groceries but there will always be things that you miss out on. For those times of need, rely on these alternate beauty remedies that you may or may not know about…

8 multi tasking beauty skin care products lip balm 430x550

Lip shimmer as shadow
Did a last minute post-work party just crop up? Let your lip balm take you from day to night – apply some shimmer lip balm as a shadow all over your eyelids. It has the same effect and lasts much longer.

8 multi tasking beauty skin care products conditioner 430x550

Conditioner as shaving cream
Ran out of shaving cream? Let your conditioner fill in for you instead. Conditioner also softens the hair making it a better option than ordinary soap. It’ll also leave your skin feeling super silky.

8 multi tasking beauty skin care products olive oil 430x550

Olive oil for dry skin
When it comes to dry skin, elbows often turn out to be one of the most ignored parts of the body. Deal with dry skin on the elbows by applying some olive oil on them and leaving it on overnight. Do this over the course of a few days to get rid of those crusty, dry patches.

8 multi tasking beauty products 430x550

Two finger rule
We’ve heard it tons of time – that there’s no rule when it comes to applying blush because every face is different – but turns out there is. The one sure-fire way to getting your blush to look au naturel is to start at a two finger gap away from your nose and concentrate on the apples of your cheeks.

8 multi use beauty products oil as makeup remover 430x550

Oil as a makeup remover
An age-old trick that we learned from the models at LFW – if you’re out of makeup remover, just rely on good old baby oil or coconut oil and a Q-tip. It’s great for your skin (since it doesn’t have the acids that most removers would have) and the Q-tip provides great precision especially if you’re dealing with stubborn liner.

8 multi use beauty products lip balms 430x550

Brush your lips
Since winter’s just around the corner and there’s only that much of damage control that balms can help you with, keep the dead skin off your lippers by brushing them gently just the way you would your teeth. You can even try some homemade lip balms post this step.

8 multi use beauty products eyebrows 430x550

Mascara wands as eyebrow brushes
Did you know that your old mascara wand can double up as an eyebrow brush? Just wash it clean after you’re done and use it to tame your brows into place right after you shower.

8 multi use skin care products 430x550

Tea as a de-tanner
If you’re back from the beach and dealing with a bad case of sun tan and swelling, shower with some warm black tea. The tannins from the tea help reduce the swelling as well as help deal with the tan. If not, there’s always the tried-and-trusted aloe vera gel.