What is not to love about cheese? It is yummy, gooey, creamy tasty and it is versatile. Pair it with wine, fruits, breads, pastas, chocolates—you name it and cheese makes the world a better place and to top all that is the fact that it is a great source of proteins, minerals and good bacteria.  So if you are anything like us and head over heels in love with all things cheese then you will see our need to resort to it as the monsoon takes over our lives and mood at large. We are one of those that find few things in life as rewarding and satisfying as a wholesome recipe laden with cheese. Don’t agree?  Read on as we enlist a bunch of cheesy recipes that will help you buy into our cheese love.

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Cheese Fondue

One of the cheesiest dishes to indulge in this season will have to be the Cheese Fondue. Available in an assortment of delightful flavours like the lime, caramel, parsley et al it is also served with an assortment of bread choices like the lavash, pita amongst others.

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Watermelon and Feta Salad

If the Cheese Fondue (which is basically an entire cup of cheese) has got you feeling guilty then this feta salad may be the way to make up for it the next time you are craving cheese. Make a simple feta salad with marinated watermelon and some toasted nuts to add texture. While we know that the salad might not pass off as a conventional cheese dish, we also know that this is your only answer to a healthy cheese dish.

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Cheese Naan

Did you think no innovation was possible with Indian cuisine on the cheese front? Well it is. With a little or a lot of cheese filling stuffed in between your naan breads, there is every possibility to turn this Indian delicacy into a cheesy affair.

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Cheese Soufflé

So the cheese soufflé has been one of those elitist cheese dishes that have not always been the easiest to attain, which is why we can’t keep our cheese loving selves from putting this one on the top of the list.  A light soufflé in a delicious sauce, with the right balance of flavours might just be the most lip-smacking cheese delicacy you will indulge in this monsoon.

Picture credit- ichef.bbci.co.uk

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Cheese Platter

No wine and cheese event is ever complete without a cheese platter that does justice to every palate with the multiple kinds of cheese served with the right fruits, breads and wines. The cheese platter therefore is an obvious occupant on this list. Serve it as munchies, as an appetiser or as a pairing for an artsy event and you will have sufficed every cheese craving you have ever had.

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Cheese Poppers

Monsoon again is the perfect time to indulge in cheesy, fried food which is double the taste and unhealthy, equally as much. Considering cheese poppers fit the bill completely they are the next favourite on the list. Crispy on the outside and a burst of creamy cheese sauce on the inside, these might just be your new monsoon favourites.