6 Social Media Myths You Should Never Believe

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 25, 2018
6 social media myths you should never believe
With the advent of social media, deceiving was never easier. It now comes in the form of coloured filters and carefully cropped photos to trick you into believing what a perfect world it is on the other side. Social media is the digital way of seeing things with rose-colored glasses—and here's what you've been seeing rosy all along.

Myth 1: I have to be present on all social media platforms

Myth 6: That couple is #relationshipgoals + #travelgoals

No, you don't. You don't even know how exhausting that'd get, let alone the amount of battery it'd drain. Remember the essence here is to let people in and not sell yourself out. The more you offer, the more people are going to wear out. So have a price, and pick your social handles like you'd pick your friends.


Myth 2: All my followers and friends worship me

Myth 6: That couple is #relationshipgoals + #travelgoals

Excuse us for bursting your bubble, but they hardly do. There's all kinds of snoops and stalkers there to take pleasure in prying out your life in their leisure time. Not denying that there are genuine friends on there too—the ones there to embarrass and smother you with PDA—but all 2000 of them couldn't possibly be. C’mon!


Myth 3: I’m really cool if I get a lot of ‘Likes’

Myth 6: That couple is #relationshipgoals + #travelgoals

Uhm, how do we put this politely—not true. Not only is it really sad to let a thumbs up dignify your life, it's also deceiving because most people are literally only scrolling through their feed and double tapping at first sight, out of compulsion. Besides, if your profile is public, the platform in itself is indirectly helping you get traction. Sorry, hon!


Myth 4: I can post the same stuff on all social media platforms

Myth 6: That couple is #relationshipgoals + #travelgoals

No, you can’t. If you haven't realized it already, each platform has its own vibe. Facebook is for friends, Instagram is more intimate. Insta Stories and Snap Stories are for evidences you’d like to erase in 24 hours, and Twitter is for staying updated—so don’t go posting your couple-y pictures there. You'll receive the max eye roll traction!


Myth 5: Those DIY tutorials look so easy

Myth 6: That couple is #relationshipgoals + #travelgoals

They really aren't. Just like the no-makeup makeup look takes some real makeup to get right, these tutorials too require some real effort to look effortless. The lighting, camera angles, perfectly manicured nails, all have major roles to play, none that you’d have a clue about. Just like you wouldn't know about the number of retakes that happen behind the scenes either.


Myth 6: That couple is #relationshipgoals + #travelgoals

Myth 6: That couple is #relationshipgoals + #travelgoals

These hashtags are probably reason why the youth today is so full of unrealistic expectations. No, the waters aren't that blue—there's a magical software for it called Lightroom; and that happy-looking couple in there is about to break up real soon—Jay & Alexis. We're not saying be a skeptic, but don't let pretty filters delude your reality either.

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