Twitter has conveniently redefined what we refer to as celebrities. Even though anonymity on Twitter has constantly caused cases of identity crises, some women have shot to fame purely on the basis of what they tweet. Powered by their wit, respective talents, cynicism and the ability to squeeze all that in 140 characters, these women have claimed celebrity status on twitter. We list 6 women who are tweeting their way to stardom.

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@kiranmanral Kiran Manral

Her twitter bio reads—‘Author. Does this book make me look fat?’ Yes now you know why she made it to our list in the first place. Author of ‘The Reluctant Detective,’ she was a journalist who quit to be a fulltime mother. Famed for her Tehelka blog/columns on gender issues she made her Twitter debut in December 2008 and shot further to fame for her rib cracking humour and witty jibes about her brat and the Indian political frenzy.

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@mrsfunnybones  Twinkle Khanna

That she is a timeless Bollywood starlet herself and a star daughter and a star wife have little or nothing to do with her being a star columnist. Unlike any other Bollywood diva, her comeback to stardom wasn’t through a film but through her verbal prowess. Fluent in satire, she has, and we say this in full seriousness, the potential to “break the internet” with her columns and tweets. As Mrs Funnybones (her pen name and new book) she takes on issues of social relevance and writes her way to literary fame. Her twitter bio reads—“A bona fide member of an ambiguous tribe of the new age Indian woman; heavily armed with the weapons of my choice: Google and lame jokes.”

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@imsabbah  Sabbh Haji

She is someone who quit a high salary job to run a school in the Kashimir Valley. Today she does so with such passion that it has made her a respected opinion leader on Twitter. Her bio reads, ‘Retd Flirtistani. 'Chenab ki ChuRail'. Snark appreciator. Director/Teacher at Haji Public School in the mountains of Doda. (Can you take a joke? Good.)’ Her social conscience and social sarcasm laced in intelligent wit make her an important voice on Twitter.

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@awryaditi  Aditi Mittal

A stand-up comedian who has been a part of comedy specials on Star World, CNN-IBN, Comedy Central India and more, she didn’t need twitter to claim fame and yet her wit has made her a twitter celeb. Her bio reads, ‘A-blah Nari. Genre: Comedy| Warning: Some scenes may be unsuitable for minors| 1/3 Aditi Mittal, 1/3 Dolly Khurana &1/3 Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke| aish tu kar’.

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@GulPanag Gul Panag

We know her for all things honest and fearless. She is one of the few Indian actresses to have broken every stereotype that there are. She is Gul Panag, an actor who is also a biker, a politician who is also an activist and a fitness junkie who is most popular for her informed and opinionated tweets. Her social awareness and ability to voice her opinion have won her over 1.24 million twitter followers. Clearly, this list wouldn’t be complete without her on it!

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@kalkikanmani Kalki Koechlin

Every inch unconventional, everything about Kalki is soul-stirring.  Be it her theatre, her movies or the many social and art projects that she is a part of, Kalki is an actor with a social conscience. Her tweets are just an extension of all that she is everything she does to make this world a better place, one cause at a time. Known for her wit and social stance, Kalki is one of those elitist Twitter celebs who are known for more reasons than one. Her twitter bio reads, “This one time abroad I didn't have ID to get into a bar so I told the bouncer “Google me, I'm famous.” The rest of the time though, I don't feel that important.”

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