Tattoos are a life-long commitment, you already know it. While some are fun to look at and some may even be versatile enough to complement your outfits, in the long run there’s always the fear of outgrowing a tattoo or even getting bored of one because you’ll be seeing it everyday for the rest of your life.

But you still want to try it, if only for once in your life. So if bold statement tattoos aren’t your thing, try something subtle and minimal (on a less visible body part perhaps) that you’d never tire of looking at everyday. Here are some curated ideas to get you started…

little heart tattoo

A little heart on the inside of the wrist may be tad cliché, but it’s a classic.

riris neck tattoo

If you’ve always fancied RiRi’s neck tattoo, this constellation’s a step further.

mantra tattoo

Have a mantra? Sport it.

wanderlusters tattoo

For the wanderlusters lost in places, wishing never to be found.

semi colon tattoo

Punctuations can say a lot, just like the semi colon tattoo movement that aims at suicide prevention.

splash of colour tattoo

If black is too boring for you, add a splash of colour.

waves tattoo

Open to interpretation, one of the things that waves represent is tranquility.

geometric patterns tattoo

Simple geometric patterns make for some of the best matching tattoos.