It’s raining, it’s pouring and we are loving every drop of it. When it comes to the monsoons and fashion, it’s all about pulling off your own unique style be it fancy shoes, colourful raincoats, quirky outfits or beautiful umbrellas. And what’s the best time to stay at home and indulge in some DIY? Yep, you are right – it’s the monsoon! BeBEAUTIFUL made a trip to the HAB store by USHA in Mumbai, to participate in their monsoon themed workshop and left with a piece of art. Try our simple DIY to give your umbrella a unique style.

monsoon inspired  diy umbrella materials 430x550

Let’s get started!


  • An umbrella, preferably a solid vibrant colour.
  • An A4 size sheet of felt paper
  • Fabric glue
  • White thread or white fabric paint
  • Scissors

monsoon inspired  diy umbrella rain drops 430x550

Draw different sizes of raindrops on the felt sheet using a pencil, free hand.

Alternatively, you can cut out three different sizes of raindrops on a sheet of cardboard to make stencils. Keep the stencil on the felt sheet and draw around it.

Draw enough raindrops to fill your umbrella. We used around 4-5 of different sizes on each panel.

monsoon inspired  diy umbrella designs 430x550

Use a pair of scissors to cut out the droplets on the felt sheet.

monsoon inspired  diy umbrella raindrops cut out 430x550

Single stitch the edges of the raindrops with white thread to give it an outline as shown in the image. You can also use fabric paint to draw an outline on the raindrops if stitching is not your thing.

monsoon inspired  diy umbrella fabric glue 430x550

Apply a generous amount of fabric glue at the back of the raindrops (since felt absorbs glue) and stick them on the umbrella.

You can decide the placement of the droplets on the umbrella beforehand and then apply the glue.

fun monsoon inspired diys for your umbrella 430x550

Leave the umbrella open for 24 hours for the raindrops to dry completely. We used mauve droplets on a pink umbrella for contrast.

Other colour combinations that you can do are purple and yellow, red and blue, orange and green or pretty much any combination you fancy!