With the dawn of communications revolution the world has shrunk into our palms and our phones have become remote controls of our lives. Hit that app and you are served your order on your platter, a click and you can order domestic help. Service providers today are aiming to provide assistance with any and everything under the sun and with the onset of monsoon we couldn’t be happier about these doorsteps services coming to our rescue. As disciples of this new age communications therefore and to ease your lives this monsoon, we list out a bunch of apps and websites that’ll run to your service at a click.

getmypeon apps that give you everything with just click 600x301


They do for you everything your office peon would, only their services go beyond just work. From running around to picking up your cheques, your reports and even getting your concert tickets et al. Get My Peon is basically your modern day Ramu kaka except only he is better equipped, faster and more efficient. They assure same day delivery and services start from a minimum of Rs 200.

Order a service at Getmypeon.com
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timesaverz apps that give you everything with just click 600x400


They are a one stop online destination that provides for almost all kinds of home services from cleaning to pet grooming to pest control to running errands. Aimed primarily at assisting working professional, Timesaverz are out to help you save some serious time.

Order a service at Timesaverz.com
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apps that give you everything with just click doormint 430x550


When things get beyond domestic help and you need to outsource labour and that’s when Doormint will come in handy. Carpenters, plumbers, pest control, home cleaning and more, order the service you need at your doorstep starting Rs. 200 and your task should be taken care of.

Order a service at Doormint.in
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localbanya apps that give you everything with just click 600x376


If you are one of those that dread grocery shopping and will do anything to avoid the tedious drag around the supermarket then Local Banya is your saviour. A glorified version of your local banya from around the corner, Local Banya is an online supermarket that will bring to your door step any and everything that ever made it to your grocery list.

Order a service at localbanya.com
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holachef apps that give you everything with just click 600x400


Convening multiple cuisines and multiple chefs from across the city and to your service is HolaChef, a cloud restaurant as they call themselves. HolaChef promises to deliver food that is as good as ghar ka khaana from the many independent chefs it hosts, chefs that offer a new menu every day (so a variety of foods from different chef’s is made available) and all that at a very reasonable price.

Order a meal at holachef.com
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