Is there a job more underrated than a mother’s? Given a thought, each of us owe our moms a great deal for spending years in putting our interests before their and that too, all so selflessly! This Mother’s Day we put together a gifting guide shower your mum with appreciation and love.

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Make her a spa appointment

Almost always busy with the daily chores she’s always on her toes! This Mother's Day she deserves to sit back and relax. So go ahead and book her into the nearest spa and salon and give her a chance to truly pamper herself.

We recommend: A day well spent at Lakmé salon with a head and body massage, a fruit facial and a mani pedi.

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Taker her out shopping

She’s come with you everywhere you ever wanted – whether it was to buy a new dress, books or even some chart paper for a school project. So this time around, take her shopping – buy her things she loves as well as the things you’d want to her to wear. And while you’re at it – upgrade her makeup kit too. Basically – do with her what you’d usually do with your girlfriends. After all – she was your first girlfriend wasn’t she?

We recommend: Give her vanity box a makeover with the very popular Tangerine Lush, Burgundy Affair or Pink Glam from Lakmé’s new Sculpt range.

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Old school entertainment

If your mother has literary inclinations then head straight to a Landmark or a Crossword to buy her a book of her taste. If she has a knack for classics and prefers her favourite author then a collected works by the prodigy might seal the deal. Or surprise her with some old school DVDs of her favourite movies or artists! Just make sure you suit her taste.

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Personalised and precious

You can do much more than just a gift of the market. Add a personal touch to your mother’s day gift. Write her a handmade card with a little note inside. Or flick the most memorable of your pictures from the family album and give her a photo frame that she can wake up to every morning.

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Plant some love

Plants and flowers make the best gifts. If your mum loves plants and gardening then what better a way to convey your love? Depending on the space around your house choose either indoor or outdoor plants. Some of the better choices to make are bonsais and palms. A simple earthen pot tied around with a ribbon is just the way to do it!

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Kitchen quotient

Mum’s café is open 24x7! Whatever it is that your taste buds are craving the mother will make sure you have it. This mother’s day is a good time therefore to relieve her of her kitchen and take charge instead. Bake for her a mother’s day cake and if you are exceptionally talented then go ahead make an entire meal. Surprise her!